coolest mega cdcd and turbografx games that I can emulate on my psp

I dunno anything about these consoles! I have Popful Mail, Robo Aleste, and sol Feace for the Mega, and Coryoon, Dragon’s cirse, Gunhed, Jigoku Meguria, both neutopias and soldier blade for pce. Neutopia doesn’t emulate well

Ys 1+2?

I played the recent remake and I don’t feel like going back to something that’s clunkier. The 360° of movement is far too good

Air Zonk and Parasol Stars are good ones. You can also find some recommendations here:

Mega cd then?

mega cd games!
yumemi mystery mansion
road avenger
time gal
shining force cd
sonic cd (jp or eu version)
cyborg 009
keio flying squadron
night striker

some of these are good games, some are just graphically impressive. some are both! there’s also a bunch of rpgs on there, like the lunar games, vay and dark wizard that i haven’t played, but they tend to be pretty highly thought of.

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this seems cool

pier solar & the great architects seems cool too

Final Fight CD is a good port

Important zuntata content

Popful Mail and dennin aleste are the best though, good job.


i got a problem where picodrive is interpreting my ntsc isos as pal, any solutions?

These two pages are a bit sparse, but in case you didn’t know about the wiki:

PCE: Ys and RoB
MegaCD: Whatever is mentioned above, and Silpheed. Specifically the intro movie of Silpheed, rest of game optional.

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banging fists on table



Is there any reason to emulator that over playing the official port? Aside from not having to jump through hoops to unlock it?

If you want the original SFX I guess

There’s a self-contained, easy-peasy emulation package of it for PC available in a certain morally questionable thread, in a certain sharp-edged section of a forum dedicated to rollicking arguments and self-absorbed inanity.


can i do this on my pstv?

if its not the latest update

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It’s not great but come on and support the active developers by buying it on steam, xbox, ps4, ps3.

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