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man i can’t afford to be obsessed with FM. my real life…



Pro Vercelli is one of my most favorite pieces about FM or sport in general. Phillips is an excellent writer and he’s in his element there. The DFW Federer piece is excellent as well.


“Fiction can no longer just tell straightforward stories about single topics following single narrative arcs; reality is providing us with all sorts of rich possibilities for experiments in fictional form. To some degree, the more true to reality fiction is these days, the more avant-garde it will seem. The way we look at things determines the way we write about them. Reality is mutable.”

Ning Ken, "Writing in the Age of the Ultra-Unreal"



also for a critique on lifestyle design to be covered in ads like “Want to Figure Out What the Hell To do With Your Life/Career? Download my free manifesto and email course (!!!) for lost 20 somethings below.” is pretty hilarious.



“About Hating Art”


I dug this but I am a spite-ridden bastard


i go to college with people that, in many ways, are just like the ones the author talks about.

and it’s always like, hey, your film that has such a clever and trangressive comment about racism actually matters very little in the real world because the only couple thousands of people who are going to watch it anyway are just as rich and “well-cultured” as you, since it’s only going to be shown in fancy arthouses. so who cares, consciously or not you’re doing it so you can feel better about yourself and other progressives of your ilk; so you can feel good about being morally on the right side while not working at all for it. like it’s just an award-seeking film, not politics. it doesn’t miraculously change the material living conditions of anyone who actually deserves / needs it and no vague talk of “the power of discourse” make it any less dull.


there’s some spite going on in me liking it too i guess lol, although maybe mine is more specific than yours

but like, regardless of how i feel the points raised in the essay are very important and necessary (((and conveniently overlooked by many))) specially on this day and age etc etc


that article bangs (with or without animation by massive spite) & i wld recommend clicking thru to the other shit linked within. it’s all fantastic


That is unfortunate


Blue life is merely constituted through the anticipation of violence and the projection of criminality. Blue life is not a personhood but rather a spectral legal identity that mimics vulnerability. Blue life is no more than a figuration. Blue life effectively obscures the violent operations of police power by attempting to give it flesh. Blue life is the byproduct of a spirit possession ritual in which the formless authority of police power momentarily inhabits the body and poses as a form of life.



this is, by a factor of thousands, the best thing that has ever been written about California in the New York Times



I used to pray to Therese of Lisieux a lot when I was a kid lol


“The woman who cleans up after ‘lonely deaths’ in Japan”


I just realized I haven’t read any articles on final fantasy vii with the kind of aesthetic discourse that we usually like, and that’s weird because it’s probably the most written about game of all time, and one of my favorites.

could you recommend me one? anything that’s more than “hey, let’s see how this game aged!! is it still good??? did you know that it was the first playstation final fantasy??” etc


i mean it’s not an article and considering we’re on sb it’s kind of a given, but have you heard the action button dot net podcast about the game? tim talks a lot about ffvii-as-a-novel and i remember it being very interesting! it may be dated as far as The State of The Discourse goes though

(it has vito on it which, uhmm, you know)