Control the Body (full release!)

oh yeah i am able to reproduce that – you might be right on the cause; i’ll look into it tomorrow.

never noticed because my strategy for that walljump is to hold back into the wall so that my head doesn’t go past center and then rotate and slowly climb, so i wasn’t buffering the first turn at all (only the second one). i think the way you’re trying to do it is nearly frame perfect at normal speed because you can’t be holding the opposite direction when you do it, so you’d have to push it at the very last moment otherwise you’ll go too far.

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looked at the code and you’re absolutely right – great debugging!

the cooldown was being handled in handle_rotation(), but that wasn’t getting called when jump charge was > 0

i’ll upload the fix tomorrow! thanks for the bug report. that will probably help the few times the game doesn’t feel perfectly responsive. i did notice something was weird very occasionally when i was testing some harder tricks but it was inconsistent enough that i couldn’t figure it out.


…oh wow. That strat is amazingly/alarmingly more consistent. I’m very surprised, but it only took me a minute or two to get it that way (at full speed even).

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oh weird, the (more) consistent strat for one of the reds relies on that cooldown bug – i’ll probably need to change that screen; it’s still possible but it’s not very fun without that trick. i think i assumed something else was happening.

might take a bit to figure out a good redesign for that screen and whether i want to keep some aspects of it in the new design before i fix this input bug.

updated the code to fix the turning cooldown bug. it definitely feels more consistent off of walls but apparently i’ve played enough with the bug that there are a couple cases where my muscle memory feels “off” (specifically with landing on the ground quickly after a turn).

for my first platformer, i’m pretty happy with how well the physics came together. it’s just a ton of tweaking variables until you get basically what you want, and then programming special cases in to fix small problems.

as an example, it used to be a lot harder to land on your feet out of a corner, but i made a change pretty early on to make walljumps out of corners send you at 45 degrees, rather than the 30 degrees the walljumps usually send you at.

i also used to have it so that your jump would fail if you slid off of a platform, but that rarely felt good and made some hard techniques feel a lot more fiddly, so i changed it so that if you were charging a jump and fell off a platform you would still jump. this is a bit like how in most mario games you can actually press jump a frame or two after you fall off a platform and the jump will still come out.

i’m a pretty big fan of letting players buffer actions by holding them because i feel like eating inputs almost always feels bad and queuing inputs (unless done very carefully) can also feel pretty bad.


Alright, it’s out! Thanks for the testing & feedback everyone!


oh also like or retweet me if you can – I’m bad at cultivating a Twitter following!

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not bad for just a couple days – itch is actually giving me a decent amount of traffic

i suspect because 1) you can play it in a browser for free and 2) the cover image looks much different than most of the other covers


looks like terry cavanagh has played my game, which confirms it got more reach than i was expecting. cool!



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