contest of games


I’m hosting a TIC-80 (like the PICO-8 but open source so I could hack it up for a contest to sneakily get testers for another project I’m working on) contest here:

Beginning before the ashes of this year cool.

If anyone is interested.

Also gonna post this at gamedev and pixelation, two places I am also not a prolific poster.

I think the TIC-80 is pretty cool? But the default palette is eye blistering. It makes me want to do a visual novel or renai game or something which are two things it is absolutely not suited for. Maybe that can be the theme of a second contest if this goes well.

@Hache this is for you!


Yo, I’m down for sure.


Yes! Okay, I will spend the next week hunting more unsuspecting game developers. Like a tiger in the Serenghetti.


I would not have a long life as a tiger on the Serenghetti. @hache do you know of places that might have contest-hungry developers?

I think it’s like they say when you’re being attacked don’t just say “help!” you need to single someone out and say “you in the blue shirt with glasses, save me!” and in the same way I need to be calling out people on the forums I advertised on.


@rendaw Mastodon instances like and might be receptive


Thanks! This is what they call the march of ages.

My math isn’t quite right but okay.


Retooted, for what it’s worth.


Thanks @Hache, in the end you were my only supporter. I might regroup and try again in a couple months.




I bought the TIC-80 today because you can write your code in Fennel if you want.


TIC-80 was actually the first place I heard of Fennel. Is there a community growing somewhere?