Console Modding - let the lame tuning begin


Absolutely can’t do anything with LCDs.

I don’t even begin to understand how an analogue RGB and Sync signals travel to a screen like that. Specially one so specific as the PS One one.
Sorry I can’t help you with that, I’m simply a hobbyist that follows instructions and has the balls to possibly damage his consoles (which most were either dirty cheap or for free). All that I’ve learned was from trying this stuff out.
I’m really sorry about that. =/

But there’s a couple of guided instructions through out various posts on a couple of forums, that explain the process how people did that with more generic LCD screen. You should look for those portable Dreamcast mods to get that information.
Sorry but I didn’t saved those links. =/

As for the SSD, I’ve seen many chats about using that, but never got any conclusive information about how much more efficient an SSD is compared to an HDD. Always seemed that SSD mods were more of… an experiment with new tech than actual serving any functionality.
In my head… I imagine the difference would be none, or close to none. I can’t imagine the Dreamcast even having the power to process data as fast as an SSD can go. But this could only be failure of imagination.
Obviously, if the SSD is the only one you have laying around… hell… sure use it.

Yeah GDEmu has a terrible sales problem. TERRIBLE.
But I mentioned it because the compatibility list IS indeed impressive.
Only heard the USBGDROM, saw some info, but never got to the compatibility list.

Can’t say I have much use for any PSX game on the Dreamcast because I’m about to receive my PSIO (had actually yo put the order on hold while I was spending 2 months in portugal).
Also… I really like how today’s emulators work for the PSX.
But I do agree that the emulator produced very interesting results with a simple 240p to 480p upscale, considering the good Dreamcast analogue video signal outputs.

And well… if you already got everything then I think all that’s left is wishing you good luck with your mods. =)
I imagine they will be really simple and clean, so I am confident you will end up with a great renovated console. =)


Read about 3D printed handheld conversion of a PC Engine here.