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HolyLand is a pretty good fight manga about a kid in a slum area of a big city in Japan ( I can’t remember if it’s Tokyo or not) who’s a really naturally gifted boxer. It’s about him getting involved in a street fighting ring in middleschool/highschool as a way to deal with the stresses of life. It has a very…Streets of Fire / 1980’s Martial Arts film vibe.


Sounds like my kind of shit. It’s just in scans, right? Are the translations decent?


I haven’t read it in 5+ years, but I remember them being pretty nice. It can kind of be a tough read because some of the characters are a little slovenly and tough to like, but honestly that’s something I’m into w/r/t characters


Giganto Maxia might be some of Kentaro Miura’s most visually amazing work. It’s in a post apocalyptic world where people live in harmony with giant bugs. Probably most comparable to Nausicaa. The difference is Nausicaa isn’t about an Andre the Giant esque wrestler suplexing bugman warriors and giant waterbears. There isn’t any demon rape or gore, which have become classic Miura staples, but just in case you weren’t sure he was a lolicon, there’s a magic little girl who pisses healing potion.


I have not been doing my duty.


I read all of Gotham Centralit’s great as I assume you’ve heard. It’s a little sad that they had to have a rouge in every arc, but the idea of a police pocedral in Gotham turns out better than it should, then remembering the Gotham TV show I realised it is. The detectives and circumstanced word so well, also the fact that there’s an uneasy feeling around Batman in the department makes for so much depth to be read into every interaction around that point it really shows where that show falls off and the comic does nearly everything right.

I read all of the Joker’s Las Laugh Event, It was a DC event where many villans got Jokerized because Joker was dying and this was his last hurrah. It was stupid and silly. Then the ethics of superheros saving him from a blood clot was just beyond anything understandable. (sorry spoilers, but really never read this)

As wikipedia puts it “Private Eye is a science fiction mystery comics series written by Brian K. Vaughan, drawn by Marcos Martín and colored by Muntsa Vicente.” It’s a great comic, made for digital and can be read for free via: I don’t even want to spoil anything. But if you have a tablet read it on there, it’s perfect for that. And it’s great, seriously go read, good stuff.

Also been digging into DC Rebirth, more turtles, and my Spider-Man.

Beyond that.

I went the the land of manga, glorious Nippon, and saw the manga stories, took in their fish stuffs, and wept. For I am illeterate in Japan. Comics comics everywhere and not a one to read. But I do want to check out One peice something feirce now as @mosesplan has put upon me to do for years. Sadly I think an illegal route might be best? Saw a few other interesting prospects. Even picked up some of that fan comic porn, how they do erotica is so facsinating there on so many levels.
The first Manga I’ll be diving into though is the Wounded Man in full, I just ordered the 4th volume and have the entire English collection.

Lastly I leave you with this. Is Morrison’s 18 days worth picking up?

I’ll probably buckle but thought I should ask.


Read Biomega and Knights of Sidonia. Knights of Sidonia has really nice art but is otherwise the same as any young adult fantasy fiction / shonen manga about a teenager who joins the military and turns out to be Jesus. It even becomes a sort of harem manga, with him getting facefuls of busty androids, busty clones, his busty military commander, etc., etc., and I thought Nihei was above that kind of lame shit. It’s a little hard to follow a Nihei story with more than one character because he can only draw once face. The action scenes are a lot less chaotic than his other work. The best part is the architecture of the Sidonia, with all of his signature sweeping sci-fi landscapes. The art alone pretty much carries this one.

Biomega though might be a manga masterpiece. It’s about a badass on an indestructable motorcycle with a gun that never runs out of ammo. It’s like a comic book of every badass run and gun you might find in a Japanese game center in the 90s. That’s its first half. The second half, without saying much, has one of the most fantastic sci-fi settings I’ve ever seen depicted, ranking alongside even Nausicaa.

I still need to read Wolverine: Snikt! and Blame! It’s out of print and expensive as hell, but Vertical is doing a second publishing. I guess also his Halo story.

@diplo, I think you’d appreciate him. He used to work in construction and as an architect. Every chapter has these amazing panels of massive sci-fi structures.


I’d say the Halo Graphic Novel is worth getting not just for the silent Nihei short, but also on account of containing two other stories illustrated by Simon Bisley and Jean Giraud. Brett Lewis wrote the piece Moebius did the artwork for and is sort of notable for achieving in writing one of the best post-Watchmen works in the form of The Winter Men.

I don’t know what the odds of seeing reprints on NOiSE, Abara or Nihei’s other shorts look like now, but the former is on Kindle.


Have you tried the Bendis Halo thing? I’m scared to touch it.


I don’t think I have time for Bendis any more, not even for Scarlet. The only thing that stood out from Halo: Uprising were the spare few, thankfully wordless, action sequences focusing on Master Chief onboard the Dreadnought.


How can you not have time for Bendis. His stuff reads like popcorn, super light.

I will say Scarlet is the only book of his I’m reading currently, and I think yes that book is worth it, all 2-3 issues we get a year apparently.


Wow, Moebius and Tsutomu Nihei. I had no idea. I didn’t know Abara was punlished in English. I imagine we’ll see more of his stuff translated or reprinted if the Blame! movie they’re doing is any kind of popular.


It isn’t, I was talking about NOiSE.


Back my friend’s rad comics anthology kickstarter

Power and Magic


oh yeah! our very own lofighost released a comic a few days ago, called cascadia island


Blame! is getting reprinted!


I’m hoping to pick up The Collected Cat Rackham by Steve Wolfhard soon. I dig those crazy lines and worried looks.


I really liked Gillen and McKelvie’s Phonogram when it first came out all those years ago so I was pretty stoked to finally read The Wicked + The Divine.

Man I dunno, I guess the ensuing ~8/9 years or whatever have destroyed any patience I had with shallow, privileged, magical club snots as protagonists.

I feel like I should re-read Transmetropolitan as a comfort during this, the worst of all election years.


Good call on Transmet.

I’ve been reading some Prez Wonder Woman, finished up Justice (alex ross) and a few other things. Also I just got back from Rose City CC. So many comic thoughts too many to type.


hey I was at rose city last weekend too. We could’ve met up.