coin gobbler advance


i made the mistake of signing up for a random ass jam i saw pop up on itch

it totally fucked up my sleep schedule for the entire weekend

the themes were “salvage” and “darkness” which uh can we get more stereotypical indiegame tropes in here please

the only comment on my game is some roblox dude screaming that it doesn’t work on their computer, nice

anyway its a game about eating coins

the main gimmick is that the coins make disgusting poop slime that can block paths

i wish i had more time to play with the level design because i think i could make something good out of this and right now it’s not that terribly interesting

and also replace the jam-required cutesy graphics with janky ugly 3d prerendered stuff that looks like little big adventure

anyway this is a videogame, you can click on it if you want


I’m more of a Coin Nibbler myself, but I gave it a shot and gobbled a whole 20 coins before getting trapped in the slime


cool thats a good quantity of coins to gobble

however high scores don’t count if you don’t make it back to the official coin gobbling registry master

sorry i dont make the rules


I played it and kept diving down for coins. It’s a game! Pretty cute for what it is. Obviously it could be tighter/betterdesigned, but tight game design is reaaaal time consuming. What’s your plan after this one?


uhh i might refurbish this one a little and add silly ugly visuals and try to make a better more interesting level

other than that i’m working on a longer-term adventure-ish thing about living in a forest full of magical creatures and having to get along with demons and magic orbs and such. my plan is to make it chock full of yume nikki style super rare events and make every character a total weirdo

but most importantly i need to sleep and not gamedev anything in two days at least