Before making this thread I checked to make sure it didn’t already exist, and realized that the thread title change of the DOOM thread I never read was not just ironic. Anyway you can do all your same posts from there in here if you want but I promise if you tell me coffee is bad I will vandalize the tea thread in retaliation

Anyway I’m making this thread because a) I love coffee and b) have noticed that the city of Edmonton is apparently in the midst of a pandemic completely and utterly unexplainable shortage of Chemex filters, like everywhere I go they are out of them and when I ask the clerks or baristas or whatever get this look of panic on their faces. It’s kind of funny.

I have managed to luck out and buy them consistently despite the shortage, but when that happens the person who sells them to me is like, visibly shocked that they actually have them in stock.

They sell them in boxes of 100 and I make coffee every day and I have experienced difficulty locating them for purchase like, at least three times, so that gives you a sense of how long it’s been going on. Wonder if the beginning of that corresponds with anything in particular, probably not, not worth thinking about.

Well, today my luck finally ran out and I tried like 3 different places that had all totally exhausted their supply. The last one did have those reusable cloth filters which I bought and used this morning, and this is I guess more practically speaking why I made this thread. It’s actually not bad! Now I feel bad about all the paper I’ve been wasting on non reusable filters.

Here are some memorable coffee experiences i have had. What are yours? What was your most precious cup?

  1. Drinking black coffee with spicy breakfast food makes it feel like an entirely different drink, I recommend it

  2. Despite being a lowkey coffee snob I also have very fond memories of those 3 in 1 instant coffee things that come pre sweetened and lightened. The beverage of choice when hosteling, reminds me of waking up early before a day of wandering around aimlessly in an unfamiliar place. I miss that :frowning:

  3. I don’t really feel like the escalation of my coffee fixation is all about chasing one particular past perfect cup. Instead, I try to make up for the absence of like engaging environments and scenarios in which to drink coffee through just increasing the raw power and flavor of coffee that I make in a boring at home setting. The finest single origin bean brewed with care is still less interesting to me than sitting in a chill environment enjoying semi-decent coffee while deeply engaged in some silent activity. Because of that when I try to think of a single Best Coffee Experience I keep coming back to an afternoon I spent in this overpriced Taipei cafe watching the pouring rain while sitting at the tiny counter by the window on the right side:

    Feel like pure shit, etc.

  4. One of the other profs in my department is like a serious high-end espresso fanatic and we have bonded over our shared love but I have nowhere near his level of devotion. This is kind of what made me realize the experience for me is more about atmosphere and mood than quality in the abstract sense. But I enjoy the coffee flavor.


I love coffee too. It’s so pleasant. Just a delight. I want it at night even when I know that I really shouldn’t, it’s such a comfort.

but u_u you should try getting a cloth filter in these trying times. they last a good while and can be cleaned by boiling in a pot. they may taste different, but that’s just interesting to me.

Oh yeah the one I got is cloth! I guess there are metal ones too. I also have a French press but don’t really enjoy the clean up process with that. Cloth filter is marginally better but still irritating. Though, it is worth it. Not that big a deal I guess

i prefer french press just cause i don’t want to waste a bunch of paper. :woman_shrugging:

the only reason i started drinking coffee at all was because i crushed hard on dale cooper, but now black coffee is this important comfort thing that i want at least one large cup of daily. will also just agree to coffee any time offered.


yeah this is probably the ethical position i guess. i am enthralled by convenience.

i feel i do it less for ethical reasons than the fact that having this thing you use once then throw away somehow really annoys me


I just use a $75 grind and brew with a basket you can wash out because I like to drink my coffee forever so espresso has no appeal to me, but I’m not so unfussy as to buy pre-ground, and I also don’t want to have to constantly throw out paper just because my ideal coffee is slightly above diner level


i feel this. even if i take a bunch of espresso cups it somehow leaves me wanting. i just need a large cup to stay with me for a while

Im a v60 boy. I enjoy the process of buying 250g and feeling out the brew until hopefully the last cup is like god damn wow thats a good cuppa cawfee. I have the hario buono temp control kettle and it is my most precious child. I have a little tiny hand grinder that i enjoy using even tho it takes fucken ages.

My parents have both always had a gaccia at home so i love espresso too tho im not very good at making it. But i enjoy waking up to a coffee made by my dad when im at his house.

I miss cafes more than anything else we have lost in the pandemic (ok except friends)


jealous. i have thus far been able to resist such indulgences. every time i read someone on the internet talking about measuring coffee out in grams i also feel a bit of panic like i might just go out and buy a digital scale

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Scales are really good! And dont have to be expensive necessarily. Just dont get like the designer coffee brand ones

Only the double doppio will sate my American mouth.

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I love coffee now and child-me would be ashamed. Taipei has so many good cafes! Singapore and Malaysia too! I’d love to just travel around Southeast Asia drinking coffee everywhere I go. There are so many regional variations and its such a good way to ground yourself in the moment. I miss Bad Travel Podcast and hearing about coffee in other places.

I currently use an aero press to brew coffee and I like it well enough. I can distinguish the flavor between different blends more easily than when I brew from a French press. It still uses little paper disks so I’d like to find an alternative that tastes good. I have a moka pot but I don’t think it works well on my induction stove. The brews from that are totally inconsistent and sometimes taste burnt.

I love coffee; I can’t really drink it anymore because it just absolutely destroys my stomach. Every once in a while I would hit a rough week at work and I’d go back to it, then after a couple weeks of that, my guts would get so fucked up I’d have to take 1-2 days off just to lay in bed and try and recuperate. Eventually it just wasn’t worth it anymore.

I got into drinking black coffee as a teenager because that’s what my dad drank and it was also pretty necessary for functioning when we went backpacking, when you were up with the dawn, and really needed it to jolt your body into action. At work, I’ve always tried to have a local cafe that I could walk to and get a coffee, as there’s nothing relaxing about drinking coffee at work.


this sounds great. i can remember my parents making coffee using one of those stovetop percolator things when on camping trips as a kid, but i weirdly can’t remember if we ever had coffee when on proper backpacking trips when i was older.

in the olden days when i spent a lot of time outdoors i wasn’t really super into coffee, but i remember having a similar relationship with maté in those days. i never really liked the taste but there was something cool about getting up at dawn and being double energized by the powerful healing energies of mother nature and a boiling hot mug of energy dirt grass.

french press always tastes watery/plasticy to me, i have to brew it in either a percolator or moka pot

Does anyone have any secret tips on how to make moka pot coffee taste good. I am saddened every time despite thinking it is such a nifty object

There’s a shop nearby that roasts your beans right then and there and I love them even if I haven’t really liked any of the strains so far. Currently working through a bag of Mandarin (which is from Indonesia apparently).

But also use a lot of instant one use bags because I have a child and can’t spent 10 minutes preparing a cup or the counter space to leave out a coffee maker. Currently using some Fair-Trade Colombian-Brazil Blend that tastes almost like taqueria coffee which is like perfect to me:

I miss cafes but I also miss Conbini Coffee and not having has it for almost 7 months is breakingy heart. Family Mart changed their blend apparently.


I too have an espresso fanatic friend who is chasing the perfect flavor while I make every cup into a Miel or just get a half espresso half super rich hot chocolate mocha from this one bakery chain here. I like local chains, I like places that have vanilla sugar shakers, I like Peet’s in a pinch. I can’t really handle much caffeine though so I drink maybe a cup every other day.

I have this one single-serve coffee machine that I use 90% of the time, an old fairly grody Moka pot that I have to descale constantly if I’m using it, and recently a big old espresso/coffee maker combo thing because someone was giving it away and I was curious about the espresso bit. I enjoy the crafting of the espresso beverage but the hot jet of steam that makes my milk froth violently (if I leave it in too long?) is a constant source of terror

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I am also curious about this. I’ve heard to keep your flame decently low and to move it to a cold towel once it starts sputtering to avoid the burnt taste. I feel like I had some good brews on my old stove, but my current apartment’s burners are all much larger and I seem to get burnt coffee more often.

I descale it every week if I’m using it, because mine is quite old and grows calcium deposits if left at all damp