Chamber of Sacred Ootheca - The Metal Thread


I have yet to dig through the opening post but from the accessible stuff Author & Punisher sounds like my kind of shit! I guess I’m more of an industrial kind of guy. Will check out more Zeal & Ardor too


I think I have put this in two other threads but who cares I love this album start to finish (especially the finish). And it has a track named after symphony of the night so

You can stream the whole thing with this link. Track skip and everything.


If “Bleach” era Nirvana were a little less punk but a little more psychedelic. Still all garage. The whole album is good.


Another cross post. New Spaceslug. New favorite Spaceslug.

It’s like, post rock heavy metal with a touch of doom.


I don’t really keep up with genre and all that but I’ve always had a preference for the Slayer/Sepultura/Pantera type metal. Recently I discovered a group called Bolt Thrower that has an awesome sound.


their lyrics are inspired by warhammer 40000, and in their early days they were heavily promoted in games workshop’s official magazine!


Bolt Thrower is one of my favorite bands!

I really reget not catching them when they came to Chicago in 2013 but I didn’t bite the bullet fast enough and it sold out. I really do like the sort of
slow to mid-tempo heavy metal that’s relatively rare, though.

There’s a handful of bands hyping Bolt Thrower these days but my favorite of the bunch uses black metal style vocals:


Hell yeah! I love a good metal album that just chugs along relentlessly like an idling car engine.

Also I was thinking today about how I like Black Sabbath but I think I like the cover versions of Black Sabbath more than the originals at this point. Pick any of their more popular songs and there’s a very good chance there’s a newer version that’s harder, meaner, chunkier or whatever.

Oh actually there is a list.


There was a period in the early 90’s where companies seemed to think death metal had a wider audience than it did and tried to get in on that which is how we end up with weird things like the Entombed X-Men crossover marketing

One version of Wolverine Blues was released with Marvel Comics’ character Wolverine on the cover, despite Entombed never wanting their album to be associated with the superhero. Earache Records, without the band’s permission, had made a deal with Marvel in order to use Wolverine to promote the album to a more mainstream audience. This edition included a Wolverine mini-comic inside the CD booklet

How is that real


some unrelated tracks

(i still haven’t heard or seen anything else like the above since, and it’s been like 7 or 8 years)


I don’t know enough ~cool metal bands~ to contribute to this thread cause I mostly listen to more punk n hardcore adjacent stuff but this is a good thread good job all


So how exactly did the metal rasp/bellow/growl vocal catch on so utterly

I can get one band deploying it as their signature gimmick but


don’t really listen to a ton of metal casually but I go to a lot of shows. This has been a good season/year for metal and extreme music shows here despite venues dropping like flies

Godflesh in two days and then I get to see The Body/Uniform and Author and Punisher on the same bill in a small venue in November and I just wanted to gloat itt about it

@Khan listen to uniform


I haven’t looked at new stuff for a couple of days. So here is some 90’s sounding metal, cross posted from the Songs thread. A Woman on vocals, too!


Ah ha, here is an album I love from start to finish.

Night Terror, by Helm’s Alee (a Seattle area band)

Male hardcore.vocals over sludgey, grunge, and post rock elements. And some songshave female vocals, too. As the drummer and bass player are Women

Their later albums do have some good stuff. And the drummer grows her style a lot. But I think they hit their best song writing balance, early. I first saw them in 2010 or 11, supporting Boris, in San Francisco. And they were basically perfect live.

The Lionize/Truely single/b-side is good, too!


I will gladly listen to anything even remotely related to BORIS

Still one of my favorite bands!


Have you listened to Endon? I saw them open for BORIS last year and had a good time, and their first album was produced by Atsuo.


I believe I’ve seen you mention metalcore here and there and you’re more than welcome to post about it.

I’ve never seen anyone actually do any research but I’m just going to throw out 1987 as the year that saw both Napalm Death’s Scum and Death’s Scream Bloody Gore.


Okay! I’ll deffo think up some stuff thats worth sharing. Itll probably be unlikely to be new tracks cause uh, I haven’t heard much good new metalcore. But I mean I also haven’t been to a show in a while so

The metal content the people crave