For a few seconds I thought that trailer was ALL ONE SHOW and I started to get excited about TV for the first time in years. Never mind


I am absolutely down for the Animatrix Redux


Hopefully it has a better ratio of quality, though, because there were like, 3 good shorts in that anthology.


The first one had a Peter Chung short. That’s all I cared about.
If a redux had another Peter Chung short then I’d be down.


I’m frowning at you intensely through my computer screen.


I don’t usually double down on a hot take but I’m feeling in rare form today so here we go:

“Beyond” – absolute cream of the crop, the only one worth watching post Year of Luigi, maybe

“World Record” & “Matriculated” – quite good, if I’ve already got the DVD out I guess I could settle in and watch these too.

“Kid’s Story”, “A Detective Story” & “Program” – decent fanfiction but nonessential

“Final Flight of the Osiris” – bad fanfiction. The animation hasn’t aged well and neither has the horniness

“The Second Renaissance Part I” & “The Second Renaissance Part II” – lore dump who cares it’s The Matrix

So yeah, way more filler than thriller IMO


Drop matriculated down to flight of the osiris level and raise kids story to world record level and you have my ranking

With the caveat that while second renaissance is crap origin-story writing the animation and direction is excellent.


Yes I will agree to this


World Record is my absolute favorite

Anyway thank you for confirming that Animatrix is great???


Agreed on Final Flight, you have to have a soft spot for Final Fantasy The Spirits Within to really enjoy the graphical aesthetic (I do) but I can’t argue for anything with the plot. The idea of Animatrix was to create stories within the universe so dismissing the three you did as nonessential is a bit unwarranted. However, I’ll grant that I do not remember anything from “A Detective Story,” “Kid’s Story” has resonance when I was younger and a bit of a loner in high school and “Program” is created by Madhouse that I’m biased towards.

World Record is my favourite of the bunch.


spectacular spider-man was such a good show



Just want to announce that S2 of Dragon Prince has much smoother animation than S1 (So much that when they do recaps at the beginning of each episode and have to flashback to S1 stuff it looks… super weird)

It is definitely not as good as Avatar, but I still found it eminently watchable and very wholesome. It has very cute animal friends in it.

The only weird thing is the brother and sister character are still like, simultaneously evil as fuck while also presented as like, charming wacky and lovable teens, same as in S1. The tone is… weird.

But I still recommend it if you liked Avatar


A couple years late to it, but finally started watching Mob Psycho 100 and I love everything about the way it looks and am more invested in Mob as a protagonist than the protagonists of most things I watch?


yeah, i can’t tell wit this show whether they have a lot of depth to the characters or if it’s just an inconsistent tone. i think i like the show a lot either way.


to promote the jp bluray release of venus wars, the first 10 minutes in hd have been uploaded to youtube


The first anime movie I ever actually watched in its entirety rather than catching the last half hour at 3am and not knowing what the hell was happening


i definitely watched venus wars on scifi channel saturday anime in it’s entirety multiple times and don’t remember anything but the premise


I watched it like two years ago and don’t really remember anything about it except good Yas art.


such good art