I’ve fallen asleep in theaters twice in my life; the first was James Cameron’s Avatar, and the second was Ant-Man and the Wasp.


Like, it wasn’t even bad? Just…nothing. It was nothing.


The Ant Man movies are probably my favorite of the MCU mostly because they are smaller in scope and I love size changing antics. The hiest format is also a bonus cuz I just like watching plans get made. I also sympathize with Scott as a down on his luck engineer.


This is exactly how I felt. Ant Man and the Wasp is, hands down, the most unnecessary movie in all Marvel canon. It is incredible how safe it plays things. The most gentle hint of conflict is avoided at all cost.

It’s hard to describe, but like, nothing happens plot-wise or visually that is memorable, it’s just a direct extension of the end of Ant-Man 1.

I actually don’t think anyone was in any genuine danger the entire movie, even at the height of the final battle.

This is coming from a guy who likes the entire cast a lot and for some bizarre reason wants one good weird-ass movie about a guy with shrinking powers.


Yeah I think this is it.

Like, Hank Pym whatever is obviously a stereotypical “mad scientist” but faces no consequences for his bizarre actions?? And any time something like this is brought up it’s almost immediately dismissed

It was so boring.


Did someone say shrinking!?!?


I’m Matt Damon, and


(I have no idea if Downsizing is good. It looked dumb as hell and then nobody ever talked about it)


I mean, it can’t possibly be good.




it’s conceptually pretty incredible which is why i’m bummed that it probably isn’t good. but fuck, i never saw it neither, who knows


i watched some She-Ra last night and i’ll probably watch some more! It has really beautiful background art and the character art + writing give me some pleasant A:TLA vibes. i know virtually nothing about OG She-Ra or about He-Man (aside from Skeletor memery and this classic) and so the setting just felt kinda fun and fresh to me

Catra is my favorite because of course she is (i was pleasantly surprised to hear Stevonnie’s voice coming out of her!)


the broly movie got me back into dragon ball really hard so i started watching it again, after since i was a kid. the original series really is lovely. i enjoy all the characters, even the inexcusable piece of shit ones



Alright, I’ll fess up, I’ve seen it on Netflix. It does nothing special with the shrinking gimmick beyond equating it to second-class citizenship (though Hong Chau does an excellent job here) and then diving to the left into an ecological “shrink your carbon footprint so the world can survive” message. It’s unsure of the ideas it presents so the plot sort of meanders into cliche rather than keeping a tight focus on its themes.


wasn’t there a relentless picnic episode that discussed how stupid this movie was?


Yeah I mean I am a big fan of reading trade paperbacks of long-completed runs and/or series that have stood the test of time, or whatever. The attraction of the MCU to me is the opportunity to “keep up” with a canon being built in real time at the cost of like, four to six hours per year. The fact that they are stretching even that much patience thin is actually incredible to me


i always read comics so quickly and i worry i’m not doing it properly. especially like, indie comickers like Meredith Gran, who seem to tell most of their plot through subtext and little background details


The last few years I have had to literally consciously force myself to slow down and look at the art, yeah.


That does sound familiar. I think it came up briefly in an episode but I can’t remember which. I think they were just reacting to the trailer though.


looks like the wheel of time has swung back around to liquid television


I mean I’m gonna watch it but it would be cool if there was more western produced adult animation that fell on a different spectrum than stoner/edgelord