That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is such a “game world” show that it’s functionally like watching a let’s play.


I kinda felt like the new Harvey Birdman thing ended up feeling like they were trying too hard. I also kinda think that tonally it was off, I get that it is hard to ignore politics in this current hellscape but that was never the show’s deal and it just came off as… odd. I’m glad it got a shot but I think it was a miss.

There was also a new 12 Oz. Mouse, which gave me another opportunity to not watch 12 Oz. Mouse.


I dunno, the past show did plenty with politics but it was more subdued and mostly down to visual gags and themeing. I’ll agree direct political parody wasn’t quite the usual method that the show worked on but it didn’t feel like that big a leap.


Goddddddddd I miss The Problem Solverz so much. It and Neon Knome were too good for this world.

Been digging through my nightmare binder of anime DVDs and Blurays. The Devilman OVAs are OK, though it ends right before the comics go off the rails. Ben-To was dumb but fun.


Why did people hate Problem Solverz again

I don’t recall it being dire


I love Problem Solverz but it’s aggressively obnoxious and off-putting by design. It’s literally hard to look at and listen to


Yeah i remember watching the first episode of Problem Solverz and thinking “this is for someone, but that someone sure ain’t me”


I tried to watch an episode of it in passing once and I felt a flight or fight impulse afterwards.


I saw it on a TV at a restaurant once and it looked like a ten year old vomited on a flash animation while having a rasberry cordial fuelled Roblox hallucination




I hope Desus gets some better meatier lines this time


This is turning out to be a fun season for japanese cartoons.

Zombie Land Saga is a fun satire of the idol industry where the talent are not seen as human and pretty much forced to perform. The first two eps were very strong. The girls spitting hot bars in the second. Third ep was very toothless and playing it straight but I hope it gets back to telling old people off.

Rascal and Bunny has been a pretty cute show involving weird happenings and high school kids. Feels very much like something during the haruhi days where the main character has the driest of wit and bandies it about.

Gridman has amazing backgrounds, shot composition, and great action. Still kinda up in the air where its trying to go but a very strong effort by trigger.

Problamatic: Goblin Slayer is very much the kind of thing made for 14 year olds to read and make them think they’re strong for not being offended by it. I just happen to like generic fantasy romps with a fatalist edge to it but it wouldn’t hurt for it to keep the sexual violence off screen. I hear the novels were very terse about it so not sure why they give it more time in anime.

Born again as a Slime is a fairly unchallenging show but is nice and fluffy compared to other isekai offerings. Much more uplifting and all about working together as friends instead of making war. I do love how the slime makes its own expression marks with it’s own body. It’s cute.

Skullface bookseller is a great look at being a retail worker in japan when the english anime heads come to your store and start making a scene in it. The comedic timing here is just perfect.

Index is back. It’s gotten kind of rote but hey, I like alot of the characters.

Thunderbolt Fantasy is back and it brought Vape Wizard. Such a good time and the best match of Urobochi and Sawano to elevate the art of puppet theater.


The novels may have been terse on the scenes the manga sure wasn’t!


new jojo is good

the animation is super freaky for reasons i can’t quite elaborate. like, sometimes characters and objects just sorta twitch while doing an action. that combined with mostly motionless backgrounds makes it stand out a lot


Binge-watched all of Hilda the other day sure hope it gets renewed for a second season.



You think they’ll ever work their way up to Soma and Julius?



I mean, I’m sure they’ll get to that.




WHAT THE FUCK also there’s a brief leon belmont cameo

i really love how it handles the castlevania myth arc as something thatll grow. no vampire killer! no grant! (actually, i think they killed him!) tons of references to absurd series plots that never went anywhere. there’s a blink and you miss it appearance of AXEARMOR. there’s even a monster vial at one point.

i really liked all of the fight choreography sypha gets too.