Tuca and Bertie has everything ive ever wanted out of adult cartoons: silly upbeat tone without necessarily being vulgar/violent, ladies hanging out and being friends, fun and interesting to look at instead of butt ugly gross, bird titties

The first episode alone has so much wild shit in it from moment to moment, it’s a show you pause for the background gags

also the intro rules:


it’s extremely good and exciting. in a weird way it reminds me of like pre muppet show jim henson, the quick pace, the onscreen word gags, the wild level of visual experimentation. the fun frothiness sure makes the heavy stuff hit like a ton of bricks


I was literally here to post that the intro felt very Sesame Street to me hah
The last cartoon that had anything like this kind of manic energy was uhh Superjail


On the downside these people are dangerously Online


I thought this was an early-sb treasure, I had no idea it had currency on the wider netosphere


That’s such a good, deep cut reference though, c’mon you cant hate on that. The show is mostly not referential at all, internet or otherwise!

Also (cw: lava-ringed sex content ahoy) wanna commend T&B for making funny jokes about people being horny, and having sex, and being naked, without itself feeling grody and horny

it’s the only show ive ever watched that uses boobs as a source of comedy without feeling fanservicey and gross, it knows they inherently can be funny and joked about in the same ways that other adult comedy cartoons joke about dicks


Eggular Show

no disrespect, this is clearly its own thing


OK I just watched the first episode of T&B and it was the best cartoon I’ve seen in over a decade, SO,

Thank you for posting about it!

I am also in almost the exact situation as the doofy boyfriend right now, so that’s weird but OK!


lisa hanawalt rules and I’m so hype she’s doing her own show now. Its good


Yeah the approach is completely sound, supported by presentation I found kind of uninteresting in Bojack but clicks here

Better than Broad City too




While I was hopping on Netflix to add Tuca and Bertie to my list I was not expecting this to greet me instead

It feels like the Video Power equivalent of the modern era in my head.


new fox cartoon “bless the harts” (in the king of the hill universe-ish) looks absolutely dire like it was made in bitmoji or goanimate or something


like maybe it’s better in motion but right now it looks like these fools are about to start talking in a text to speech engine







Fuckin A


Oh hell yes to this


this turok cartoon looks alright