Ah man the movie rules I remember so much of it. I owned it on VHS and DVD and then someone never returned the DVD to me when I loaned it to them


omg it’s the only anime I like because I refuse to actually learn about anime because I’m crotchety and stupid


I bet they built a real estate empire with a small loan of one (1) anime DVD


Love, Death + Robots is an anthology of 18 animated shorts on Netflix and it rules. David Fincher is involved.

If they made cool, adult-themed animated shorts like these a regular occurrence on Netflix I would watch a lot more Netflix.


finished og dragon ball. it’s really good.

(skipped most of the red-ribbon-army arcs though because i didn’t feel that strongly for them)

a thing i never realized is how much that world feels like a dragon quest game (apart from the character designs obvs). like, everything from the sound effects or that every land is this disneyland-like mesh of cultural signifiers / artifacts / people / traditions (“oh, this village of anthropomorphic pig-people has hot springs lake that cures all illnes”, “this mountain has blizzard that freezes fire”, “if you can climb this tower with that special bell you can meet Actual God”, etc) just screams it.

the premise being that the world is both huge and mysterious yet very convenient and rewarding if you explore enough, which is also at the heart of the best old-timey jrpgees.

i’ll never not be salty that both yamcha and tenshinhan became joke-characters, though. yamcha started out as this cool bandit king of the desert, became bulma’s bf and was super strong for the longest time – truly a legend. same for tenshinhan, who was set up as a rival to goku until . . . it became impossible to compete, so he just became another hanger-on (which is clear in Z iirc). not to mention toriyama would eventually literally forget launch existed. tragic!


gonna start Z any of these days. kai seems like the obvious choice as far as versions go, but i found a hd stream of the original and it looks so sharp and comfy!

thinking about mixing the two – watching the saiyan saga w/ the original, then the frieza saga w/ kai (because god forbid i watch the unedited namek arc lmao), etc etc


what’s the difference between Kai and Super?


Kai is a remix of the original series with alterations, Super is a sequel that continues from the end of Z.


lol that’s just amazing

I need to finish watching the original DB, too. I’m only about a third through though


I’ve watched like five or six of the Love Death Robots shorts and they all have incredible animation and boring stories, writing and direction

The NSFW tag is just an excuse to fill otherwise perfectly serviceable animated shorts with titties and very awkwardly growled "FUCK"s for no reason


Not sure if you reached Good Hunting, which is probably the most complete writing in 3 acts I’ve encountered so far, if you’re looking for story. The other forums I frequent really liked Through the Aquila Rift but I was just put off by it, gorgeous as it is. It rushes through the beginning, literally fucks around in the middle and expects the twist at the end to justify it.


Well, to be clear: I don’t expect “story” from a short film in like the War & Peace sense, I’ll happily take a wordless collage if it’s compelling, but LDR doesn’t have any of those either. These people are talking, and driving absolute pap.

Again though only watched through uhhh Sucker of Souls, so far.


I don’t get it. I haven’t watched any of LDR yet (because I have no patience for this kind of shit) but from what I understand half of the shorts are adapted from short stories by competent writers like alastair reynolds, michael swanwick and ken liu so you would expect the plotting to at least be fine.

Maybe the person who adapts the stories is just a hack who just wants to add tiddy and “fuck” into stories and squeezes out any space for the story to actually function


if you’re basing this solely on having watched Sucker of Souls, I would strongly recommend watching literally any other short


I’ve only seen 4 (including Sucker) and the short that’s just “a computer imagines comedic ways in which Hitler gets killed before WWI” had more depth than Sucker of Souls


I’m relying on someone to dig out the best ones and report back, you’re my only hope


i heard on twitter that it changes the episode order based on whether netflix’s algorythm thinks you’re gay or straight


Working on it! They aren’t bad bad, just more inclined to be vehicles for the graphics than to tell a story.

Most of them are adapted by Philip Gelatt, who has two director credits (They Remain, The Bleeding House), writer for another movie (Europa Report) AND was additional writer for Rise of the Tomb Raider video game. The only ones he didn’t write for LD+R are The Witness, When the Yogurt Took Over, and Blindspot.


Zima Blue was probably my favorite but I also really liked all the other ones that had lots of hyper violence and nudity, of which Zima Blue has neither. I also liked the two that mashed up weird characters with military settings like Shape-Shifters and Secret Wars. I did not care for the attempts at humor with Alternate Histories or Three Robots. Others tried to be a bit deeper/philosophical like Fish Night and Ice Age but don’t manage anything substantial in their 10-15 minute runtimes.

Here’s some withering criticism I don’t really have a good answer to:

But gosh they sure are stylishly animated!


Of the five or whatever I’ve watched so far Sucker of Souls was my favorite sooooo

I mean, at least that one is goofy on purpose. I’m not asking for depth necessarily! I’m asking for anything to strike my interest. Entertainment.

There was one that was like literally a Starcraft 2 cutscene, from plot to character design to… gulp… writing. Yikes!