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So, so true. It’s amazing how most of the research about its impact boils down to 1) the exchanges don’t work because no one wants a “bronze” plan with 60% actuarial value and 2) medicaid expansion is a life-changing success for people with the good fortune to live in states that accepted it.

The ACA passed the week I turned 18 and I am still angry, just more coherent about it now.


I mean, personally it has been hilarious watching my insulin go from costing about 90 bucks a month to well over a thousand until I hit my deductible (at which point it is free and I laugh at them because this is most of the year). And I have theoretical great plan, hahaha.

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I was happy to be able to buy non-useless, moderately-priced insurance on the Exchange for the three years it was up and I was running on temp and contract work. Mid-tier Silver seems to be the settling point for where plans and people should target.


I suspect that kind of consumer is who they had in mind when they designed it, and they expected states to pick up the kind of chronically ill but not legally-speaking capital-D disabled people but instead you have that population on newly-shitty employer insurance or exchange plans with poor cost-shifting resulting in these deductible traps, prescription ogliopolies, etc.

There’s some good in it! But if we have One Shot and they spent it on this…


Exactly. Oh god, my rage.


Yakuza Kiwami 2 is coming to pc May 9th

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This looks like Redline if the cars were humans

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is there a gaming equivalent of the razzies yet


Giant Bomb has a Worst Game and Most Disappoint Game categories, I think?


Why post this jagoff?


I like Jim Sterling :frowning: He used to suck but seems pretty cool now even though I don’t always agree with him


He’s not a shitty reactionary asshole any more, no, but he’s also just a boring gamer opinion generator in my encounters with his stuff.


Hmm, I think that’s fair, now that I think of it, his stuff for the last six or so months has been getting tiresome. He doesn’t do much of the segments that I enjoy any more (the more silly ones, or playing random oddball games on Steam).


He has been right to call the industry out on its labour issues, but he can also veer into “consumer rights” territory that irks me.

Also he has a knack of taking 10 mins to make a 2 min point.

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Now that I can definitely agree on, it’s one of the reasons I’ve been skipping his videos more lately


He’s always really liked the sound of his own voice a bit too much. Also his accent gets weirder and weirder the longer he lives in Mississippi.


There is only so much bitching about games as a service I can take in a given year