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Dang, for a second I was hoping this was Blendo returning to their Barista series.


gotta have the link on completely separate paragraph


out next Thursday
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Grotesque games material


I found a twitter account that is just a list of closing arcades if you want to see the end of arcades in japan in real time:


The amount of arcades just for this year is absurd. I am real sad about Dinospark in Sapporo. That place was real special and I am happy and sad I got to go once.


Is it going to end up just being Club Sega and Taito Stations left in a few years? That would be sad because from what I saw they’re mostly just several floors of UFO catchers and a few flavour of the month new releases. Not much in the way of classics.

Maybe I should go back this year or next to see some of these arcades before they’re all gone for good :fearful:


Three years ago or so, the amount of arcades that closed was about the same as the entire number of arcades in the Round1 chain, and it’s only picked up steam since then.

It already kinda feels like that, and the chains have started closing locations as well. Club Sega Shinkan in Akihabara used to have two floors largely devoted to late 90s to mid-2000s Sega classics and fighting games and all of that went out the window a few years back, mostly replaced with all the Konami music games (which hadn’t been in Sega arcades at all until a few years ago) and more wildly popular phone game adaptations like KanColle AC and FGO AC. RIP their Super Hang-On and F-Zero AX cabs. :frowning:

In large part it’s turning out like the US where the only arcades that are really profitable are those with shittons of UFO catchers (here, they would be redemption games) or that have other activities (karaoke, bowling, darts, etc…) to diversify their income sources and subsidize the money-losing arcade part of the business. Also the business model for arcade games changed almost ten years ago to cabinets being sold at cost to arcades in exchange for recurring subscription revenue for each game license and a cut of every credit played on those cabinets, so couple that with an increase in sales tax a few years back, and margins got slimmer and you couldn’t survive unless you bumped prices and adopted alternate payment methods that allowed non-100 yen increments (often with that taking a cut of its own).


It’s gonna be interesting when this concentrates attendance to the few ‘trad’ game centers that seem to be surviving like Mikado, maybe get a bit more lively in there best case


atmosfear platformer for super nintendo!



Yesterday while listening to SNExploration, I learned that Shrug and I are the same age.

That’s wild.

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@VastleCania IMO we should do a Snexploration Emergency Investigative Report on this.


I volunteer myself to join in this endeavor.


Amazing idea IMO

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fucked up imo

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Now on Steam.


new eric chahi


but what do you do

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Live an epic adventure.


The same thing you do in every videogame

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