Builty Beer

Anybody down for Revelator (PC) right now (or this week in general)? The people who keep saying they’ll play with me keep flaking out. I’m just tryna find some matches my pal

Nobody ever plays ranked and the lobbies have given me too many ragequitters and laggy Jam players

I’m so sorry

Unfortunately I don’t own Revelator, just AC+. Otherwise I’d gladly join

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I’ve been waffling on picking up revelator this week. If I do i’ll let you know and you’ll have at least me and my 3s sparring partner to beat mercilessly

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Bother me and maybe drem and stan in the discord. I need to play more myself.

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BOTHER ME TOO. I wish I’d seen this earlier. I’ll play Guilty Gear almost any time unless it’s Danger Time.

Don’t ask what Danger Time means for me, you really don’t want to know.


This is me. I dunno if you can add me easily cuz my profile is set to private. This is because I don’t think anyone should ever know how much of my life I’ve spent playing a game, or if I’m playing at that very moment…but I’ll make exceptions for Super Selectorz.

I promise I will not flake out on you but you may want to flake out on me after playing my Jack-O. Warning: 90% of my offense is slide kick.

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Sent! And don’t worry, I will always want to play. I’ve never fought a Jack-O online so there’s no better time to learn

had fun with @HOBO


I stayed up til sunrise and got fucking blown up. Pretty sure my week ain’t gonna get better than this.


i could try

It’s the middle of the night and I can’t sleep. Who wants to fight?!