Breath of Fire SUCKS! (or does it??? (it does))

I know y’all been playing through this too.

I just completed the first of what I assume will turn out to be a series of three DRAGON TRIALS to unlock the main character’s DRAGON POWERS and man god dang this game is HARD TO PLAY.

I don’t mean it’s difficult, I mean like you really have to make a considerable effort to keep playing. Nothing about it so far has anything resembling hooks. I actually kinda feel bad for it. It really doesn’t know what it’s doing.

I do like that the different characters have little side abilities when they’re in the front of the party, that is honestly a nice touch.

Hoping the second one comes to this service, I hear it’s a lot better.

yeah i tried to play this earlier this year and got maybe just a little farther than that and bailed. it’s rough as hell, though yeah the front of the party abilities are cute. it looked real good in battles too imo

i couldn’t believe how in every town two thirds of the npcs said the same thing

this one’s gonna be a SUCKS! from me

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the second one is pretty good. it also feels like it was translated by a not particularly well organized group of elementary school students, for all the good and bad that entails. i assume if they rerelease it they will also retranslate it.

breath of fire 2 is way better but the translation is horrible

I might play it if it comes to switch regardless tho

it’s actually really endearing, but in certain sections it adds an uhh unnecessary challenge factor because its impossible to figure out what is going on

i don’t know if this is a particularly original thought, but it does seem like an unresolved one – i don’t know if i will ever fully comprehend the impact of the fact that most of the longform narratives i consumed in my formative years were epics about killing god performed in the manner of slacker language class students doing skits for 40 hours


eta: don’t read the translator’s notes, though, this guy kind of sucks.


I woke up a thousand year old sorceress and she gave me an egg and went back to sleep


i’d do the same tbh

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in another thread we were talking about recruiting him, apparently he had an account on sb 1.0 with only a handful of posts

I can’t find these notes that you’re talking about, what’s so bad about them?

It’s just full of asides and personal opinions that you have to wade through to see what was changed, including:

(but then, I find the original Mother/Earth Bound for NES to be the superior game)

But then, the original Legend of Zelda spells “Ganon” with two "n"s as well, and repeating that mistake will get you summarily banned on some forums (or so I hear).

Pay close attention to his dialogue throughout the game: he drops a couple of pop culture references that are likely to fly over most heads, but will likely be appreciated by the “Delete” kind. (Which itself is a clue that will only be understood by the people who will recognize who Bosch is quoting. Catch-22 much?)

Judging from the Dreamcast, XBox and even the Playstation controllers to an extent, I suspect that the genius who thought Americans wouldn’t buy a system whose face buttons came in red, yellow, green and blue was quietly disposed of in someone’s backyard.

-The Cats
Yes, you can has. All your base are belong to them.

I can imagine some guy with a thick Texas accent trying to enunciate “Giant Tornado” and it coming out as “Giant Troo-nay-dee”, and somebody who has no idea what he’s just heard writes it down phonetically and makes history in the process.

That’s just covering the first chunk of it! I just want to know what you changed, man, I don’t give a shit about the memes.

hey, this patch is 10 years old! give the guy a break!


It’s true, I’m very happy to be in a community where no one would put asides in an important document like patch notes to a fan translation of a SNES RPG. If we let our standards fall, what would become of us?


I love all BOF except for whatever funds and creative juices squirted out 6

I’m sure the internet can describe the mystery of gold bars in 2 but I’m almost happier it being a mystery until I return and seek it out.


if being terminally boring is your personal calling that’s between you and god, but expecting the same out of a layman rom hacker of all people seems a bit much

I hadta


Breath of Fire 1’s big hook in my '93-'94 was looking somewhere between western comic and manga/anime style, not quite oriental or european especially if you liked DRAGONS and CAPCOM. Something about the sprites also stood out (least to me) as thicka lines. I worked stupidly hard to get my hands on it and the sequel. 1 might also be the first game where I encountered random battle sprites presented isometric.

My old post on thief Karn’s original JP design seems long disintegrated. New players prolly won’t know much 'bout the Dunk


Jean so smugfrog


I love him



So jowly! and then he turns into a tank! There are so many good designs in BoF2 just, like, stacked up around the boring anime-ism of Ryu and Nina and Katt.


Late in the game in BoF1 (and I think in BoF2? I can’t remember) the random encounter rate basically spikes to every three steps. It gets very tedious.