Boobly Tracks

Looking for any tracks that have what I’d describe as ‘boobly’ synths. It’s a kinda bubbly concantenation of boops. I’ve been thinking a lot about two videogame tracks in particular that have this quality but it doesn’t have to be limited to just games. I’m not sure how else to describe it other than boobly. Share or discuss boobly music.


this one count?


Very boobly! I forgot VVVVVV had a pretty decent soundtrack.

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Can’t think of other ones right now!

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The boobles are fizzing

apparently the Wario Land series has a few of these. I think this is what you mean!

Gonna ponder this because I also adore this sound, but can’t think of anymore off the top of my head

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First thing I think about when it comes to this is Link’s Awakening, mainly this track:


Can’t believe I forgot how boobly Kirby can be

Listening to the Canvas Curse OST to extract all of these, very boobly soundtrack IIRC

This one is maybe a bit too repetitive in its burbliness but it’s good:

half this frickin soundtrack is boobly

i skipped some because this was getting repetitive

probably just listen to the whole thing


as soon as i read the description, i knew exactly what you’re talking about and i feel like there are dozens of tracks that fit this description but i can’t think of any of them right now!

in the meantime, here’s a non video game one

i really love this song


FF victory fanfares also got the boobly going

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Ratchet and Clank boobles

make your own booblies by just fucking around with sine wave oscillators and an arpeggiator in any number of synth vsts, it’s easy and fun


Are these booblies (not the cover art, but at 0:28)

I think it definitely qualifies. Like @brooks mentioned it seems to just be arpeggiated synths but there’s a certain quality to the voice I think that unites them under the boobly banner.

this is good but the rare stereo version is much better! (although missing a few instruments it seems)

(you should also check out how ‘Aridia’ sounds like this)

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Whoa :open_mouth: I love it!

It’s a shame this didn’t make it to the re-release, it’s so rich.

it’s a travesty that they sacrificed a whole audio channel to save space on the final disc. i even got desperate enough to try extracting an ISO of the HD collection, to see if they’d thought to restore it. no dice :confused:

edit: for completeness’ sake, there are some other full-stereo music snippets from the game’s attract mode (of all things) which aren’t in that playlist. this one’s sort of boobly, in a “slow rattling breath of a dying planet” way

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This might be a very 90s IDM thing?

rei harakami’s stuff is some of the boobliest in existence