Bold and Bizarre Tales from Dwarf Fortress 13

I’ve been wanting to get a SB SS13 server going for years now but I didn’t know if enough people knew about it/were interested/could be arsed to learn.

Space Station 13 is my favorite game of all time.


I’ve always wanted to learn it

If there’s enough interest to get a server set up, I’d be willing to teach anyone who wanted to play, and/or point folks towards decent resources about things if they’d rather just read a guide, or if the particular roles they want to learn fall outside what I have experience with.

The actual server stuff would have to be done by someone else though, I am clueless when it comes to like… nets, and webs?

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Friend of mine sent this my way:

Admittedly some of the story does come from admin intervention against a player violating the rules (by jailing the Youtuber for doing nothing other than farting around in a captain’s suit), but what makes it a great story is that the admin just gives the Youtuber a second chance by turning him into a “traitor” and leaves dispensation of justice up to him and the band of friends he made while being persecuted by the Bad Captain


can’t remember the last time i cried laughing, thank you


its honestly so sad that borges never got to play dwarf fortress


I would 100% learn to play space station 13 with SB people


Space Station 14, a f2p game inspired by SS13, is up on Steam and reliable sources have stated that it is true-to-source and good experience.



A “Yunners” is a mood boost pawn.

Basically you give then drugs until they get some health condition that lowers their consciousness to less than 65%.

Then you give them full eltex gear, remove their eyes, max out their mood with drugs, and you install 3 brain implants, the half cycler, the joywire, and the psychic harmonizer.

The psychic harmonizer will give every pawn of the same faction as the host a mood buff based on their own mood, at a base of +10 for maximum mood, in a range of 30 tiles.

This mood buff scales with both the hosts and the affected psychic sensitivity, so if you give 300% psychic sensitivity to your “Yunners” all your pawns will get a free +30 mood for being in the general vicinity of them.

30 tile radius is fucking massive it is very easy to cover an entire base with a single “Yunners”.

The name “Yunners” comes from a pawn that suffered this fate in one of the many playthroughs from the YouTuber Francis John, were most people first saw this strategy in action.

EDIT: forgot to say this, the reason we do both Joywire and the Half Cycler is because the Yunners should have less than 30% consciousness, this puts them into a coma and doesn’t let their mood change, so their mood is permanently maxed out


I’ve always been curious about Dwarf Fortress but I remember reading something years ago about an upcoming version that doesn’t require reading hundreds of pages before you can even start to play and that has some type of representative graphics so you can better tell what’s going on, and I guess I’ve been waiting for this version.

I’m having a hard time imagining how a video game can even exist that can lead to the Space Station 13 stories in this thread. Is there a “dungeon master” player who runs things and basically programs the experience?

If an official SB version of any of these games materializes, I would be interested in trying it out.

I’d thought that RimWorld was just a Prison Architect clone in space.

Yeah, it’s been “nearing release” for a while, but it’s the kind of thing that can take all the time it needs to be done right:

I really love Rimworld but it is nothing more than a thing to tide me over until Dwarf Fortress is released.


No, it’s all procedural. Part of the challenge is getting the base skills necessary to live long enough to see these situations emerge. But DF is so, so, so granular that many narratives can emerge even from simple events. Its fantastic

i used to play DF like 15 years ago and i want to get back in the game whenevr the steam version releases

glad to hear they can live off the income currently



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i’m excited for thousands of new players to get into this weirdo fucking game, i feel like this will be a dwarf fortress renaissance


i can’t believe it’s finally happening


i’m still not ready for this

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