[BD21] Some kind of something that maybe rhymes with Felda Jlone

I really don’t quite know what I’m doing here yet, but I wrote a movement and room transition system I kind of like. I ripped off Crystalis’s PC sprite, but I don’t know if I’m gonna stick with it.

I got some ideas where this might go, but some of them are incompatible, so, uh, we’ll see what happens once I start fucking with more stuff. I think I want this to be pretty action-heavy.


This makes me very happy

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I’ve spent what little time I’ve spent on this game in the last couple days reworking my character sprite and drawing her animations. I’m pretty happy with her walk cycles, except for her rear one, but that may just have to do for now. At some point I’m going to have to figure out how she attacks (I’m not sure if there’s gonna be ranged or melee combat, weapons or magic yet) and draw that. Then… I guess I can start making everything else into something???


Not much to show here.


i really like the colours in the sprite
the blocks look good too

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I am moving much slower on this than I’d like, so the chances of having something “finished” by Jan. 31 are pretty slim. I think I’m gonna give myself an extra month, because that’s just the rate I work at these days.ezgifZeldaClone2

Anyway, got my first enemies implemented and the mutual attacks between player and enemy today, so that’s some progress.


Implemented a new enemy and trying to get the palette and overall visual design of the world coherent and good. I’m a little tempted to just make a straight up action-oriented Zelda I clone with minimal narrative/text, but the world doesn’t really need that, and I’ve got the rough contours of a story and themes I’d like to pursue with this (at one point I was thinking the player might not even have the ability to attack, but then I made a sword, and).

That background is probably too busy.



I don’t think it’s busy, but I think you’re going to get in trouble when you start making lighter environments. I’d pull the character and enemies and interactable objects into a tighter colorspace around the highsaturation/midvalues so the backgrounds can be lowsaturation and either low or high values (dark colored greys or pastels, essentially).

One of the better things for mood, I feel, is coloring shadows. Give the trees dark green shadows for daytime (like reflected grass) or dark blue/purple shadows (like reflected sky) for night time.

Anyways, this is looking really good! Don’t feel bad about making another straight up action oriented Zelda 1 clone. The world doesn’t have any of those with good action, so… that’s a good space to be.


Thanks for these hot color tips! I’d been thinking the game was gonna be mostly dark areas, but I really need to start visually developing the other areas I want to include, and this is gonna be very helpful.

I hope the action… ends up being good.


As the month drags on, I"m worried I’m just gonna have a bunch of object tests and no real direction, though the game is maybe starting to form in my mind, apart from what I’ve actually drawn/programmed. Still need to tweak my palette. I spent most of last night on a different approach to the rocky borders that just didn’t look right (I was going for more of an SNES Zelda approach), so I scrapped it and put these in (riffing in NES Zelda, which I think works better with all the elements I have).


Don’t feel bad about a series of object tests. Give them context, vary the difficulty in an interesting way (don’t just ramp it up!), and you got it.

The new background tiles look great, and the combat is looking pretty good. You might need some easier enemies or more variation between the enemy behaviors, but it’s looking real good.

Also, I’m guessing it’s not, but it sure looks like a lot of laundry everywhere. I love it. (If it’s supposed to be like cultural flavor, I think you need a handful more matching decorations, but it’s very cool and unique)

the blue things hanging down looked like alternate universe Shide to me.

also really like the new rocks, and the slime hiding in the trees