Battle at the Ego Arena


Waitaminute those tour names
Which superpowered alter ego based on their collective work

Choose your angle then your character (Bowie/Stand/Persona style).

  • Bibly Krogan
  • Tornt Orzner

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nothing but love for my boy Tront

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voted tornt, but really i’m jammailliam ride

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Shattering fast! I forgot all about the Glass + extra Machina plot stuffs. Figured this’d be a landslide.

Too much ancient vague rivalry between them, in my own headspace can’t help seeing the Nintour name as slightly reactive to the Pumpkins.

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This is a pretty great time for good bands of the late 80s, 90s. Guns n’ Roses might even come out with new songs in their current semi-reunited form, if this new version of (the old song that never made it onto an album) Shadow of Your Love is any indication:

rocks pretty hard and sounds like the old roses to me!

They do need Adler though to write new songs, imho