avenues for improving of your writing

there are like a million self help websites online for things, I mean personally it seems like the best inroad for writing is learning something else interesting and then making all of your topics about that (diplo and his architecture stuff, OF Which I Approve) but

the question;

I find comics are the best way to ingest new narrative ideas quickly. Obviously try to get away from the superhero stuff as much as possible.

Also, keep notes.

Also, steal a lot.

My best writing has come from writing a lot without any thought of the consequential embarrassment. I’ve also picked very specific people to rip off when it comes to style - maybe that helps?

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purchase the finest books, and eat them


just shitpost a lot like I do

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It’s always been disappointing to me how reading all the time and writing internet posts all the time don’t actually make you a good writer. Or even a better writer, for that matter.

same though, just @ me next time

What makes a good writer?

a miserable pile of secrets


You’re pretty much stuck with whatever natural talent you’ve got, is my observation. There’s a few handy tips and tricks and mind hacks that you can get from the classic writing improvement books (Strunk & White) but beyond that, that’s it. Some authors get better at writing as time goes on, some get worse, some stay the same. Same as with musicians. But whereas musicians can physically become better at playing their instrument, writers can’t. You’re stuck with what’s in your head, how you use language and how many/what kind of experiences you can draw from. So yeah, the best way to improve your writing is to improve your experiences.

I had some workshop classes in college where we’d write stories or essays and every other class member would offer suggestions. That was very helpful, and I’ve always wished I could re-create that sort of thing in real life. But it hasn’t happened so far.

hey I would be really interested in work shopping like this I think select button would actually be a really really good Avenue for it

yeah I just asked my SO who was a literature major and she said pretty much what @wourme did – write every day, workshop it with people who are actually critical

she also said to never get attached to anything you wrote and nothing is your baby

Good rule from when I did CW stuff as well is “never share anything you write under the influence of anything unless you want everyone to call you on it” and this was put to the test like the second day of the class it was talked about in, as everyone picked out which person wrote their poem stoned out of their mind and everyone got it right, haha.

Workshopping is good, though you have to be ready for people to be brutally honest, and recognize that you are probably going to have your feelings hurt, though no one will be actively trying to hurt your feelings. Nothing is your baby is really legit advice, but you still will get hurt at some point ant that is OK.

It tends to work best in person, but online is not impossible. The only reason I mention in person is that it’s easier for a person who is giving criticism to note if feelings are being hurt and back down a bit, or to see if someone is eager to have a thing torn apart and actually really get into dissecting it. I have seen both happen.

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