Avengers open beta out on PS4

Playing it is kind of surreal because you have to confront that it actually exists.


Wow that was dire


i think they might be onto something with this superhero thing. seems timely and marketable, excited to see where they take it


wow that 1-liner at the end was so epic! did they get jos weedon to write this?

this game looks so bland, if you removed the marvel guys this could be pretty much any modern realistic third / first person shooter. i am curious if there’s any sorts of environments that even remotely live up to the creative potential of the medium

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yawn o RAMA!


This kinda makes me want a Black Widow game. But the Marvel fatigue is also ridiculous.

I was interested when it was “Marvel Ultimate Alliance crossed with Destiny plus an emphasis on melee” but the execution looks so bad. Do any western studios do melee well?

Mournhern or whatever that is called.

Does anyone else find it a bizarre casting choice to have Nolan North as Iron Man? His quips sound almost exactly like his Deadpool (same tone of voice). On the Venn diagram of people who know both it’s probably a miniscule overlap.

The bit in the first clip where you’re helping police officers beat up evil black suited bad guys also feels like…kind of a bad choice in the present political climate.


On further reflection : it would be a bad choice any time but right now it seems like an especially brazen thing to ignore what I’m getting at.

They’re the avengers, can’t they just punch purple monsters coming out of a blue Portal or a mad scientist and his robot legion or something? You don’t need cops in this at all.


Maybe after you play though the bland 60 hour story, you can unlock an option to make it colorful or something.

There are some kinda neat looking combo videos going around for this game, which like, almost, almost got me interested in it.

Then I watched some streams and it was a lot of Iron Man getting knocked on his ass by tiny robots, or frozen by ice beams from larger robots, which then proceeded to knock him on his ass.

That, plus the whole, uh, “your character never visibly changes, but this loot you get makes the numbers go up!!” is, hmm! Well! Good luck, Crystal Dynamics!

New Gex when, CD? The people demand it.

gex is back and he’s horny as hell


That big green guy? That’s Gex.

If there’s not a Gex DLC skin for Hulk then what’s the point.


its really cool how this manages to look like a high-end mobile game. biggest franchise in the world!

i feel like i hate on superhero shit too much when i could just not care (i.e. living rent free in one’s head, etc. etc.) but i have come to believe that superheroes are one of those things that you have to actively reject… superhero shit is so prevalent that you will become totally inured to it otherwise. you have to think bad thoughts about superheroes whenever the subject comes up and you have to post about them too sometimes otherwise they’re going to start getting to you. it’s my imo.


Actively rejecting bad ideas from omnipresent media is never…a bad idea.


Will try to post thoughts later. To stop this from solely being a hate session I do think there’s the potential for a solid enough game in here somewhere, hidden under all the performance issues, motion blur, overdone special effects, screenshake, and GAAS game design. If The Last or Us 2 was the game of the generation on the cinematic end of the industry, this could be the game of the generation on the GAAS end of the industry.

Bonus video: