i know theres a ton of artists and aesthetic threads around here, and im looking fr inspiration. been going back through my harddrive looking at all the art ive ever saved ( a thing im glad i deleted) and trying to re-connect with art in the first place during these Quarantine Times

so i wuz curious, what SBers got kicking around on their harddrives that they repeatedly find themselves referencing or just staring at
this is not an aesthetic place, fuk u

Not really from my local storage so maybe cheating, but every once in a while when I am bored I check out the “surreal” tag on Gelbooru.

A lot of the stuff is just uninspired, stereotypical anime crap, but there is also a decent amount of interesting, and even gorgeous stuff to pick out as well.

More in line with the thread, here are the very few artsy/pretty images I have stored on my computer. I don’t really save stuff that isn’t mine locally, so these are exceptions and I’ve just never bothered to clean them out, but here you go.

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Even though they’ve kind of been picked clean I still find Bernd and Hilla Becher very inspiring. Likewise Hideaki Yuchiyama
image image image image image image


Which I guess is another way of saying I like industrial buildings

wish i had a better quality version of this

(i hate the way discourse handles images so much)