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Uh well I just wanted somewhere to stick this.

The artist who made the art for the free Java-based Wizardry-like, Javardry, has been posting the art online for years (last update as recent as three months ago)

saying (under the “View profile” link; translation here by Google Translate)

I was making monster image free material for Javardry.
↓You can download all of them here.

Javardry素材 - Google Drive

Monstre_basic ZIP is the basic monster group, and the rest is added. The dungeon image ZIP contains wall images for Javardry.

The material is completely free, and you are free to use anything even for commercial purposes. However, I ask that you take responsibility if something happens.
Please note that there are some Wizardry original monsters in the materials. The names are listed below, so please do not use them for commercial purposes.

Arch Demon
Air Giant
Lesser Demon (four arms) / Winged version is OK.
Greater Demon (Reptile version) / Skull version is OK.
Murphy’s Ghost
Raver Lord
Orc (red color) / Other colors are OK.
Kobold (yellow color) / Other colors are OK.
Flack (Green color) / Other colors are OK.

No reporting is required when using the material.
Also, these materials can be freely processed, collaborated, redistributed, and fed to AI.
So if you can’t download it in the future, someone please put it up as a substitute.

So, lots of free fantasy art–mostly characters, but also some textures for 3D dungeon walls and floors.

I know of two games on Steam using this art: