Art For You

I just put up an asset set to make your own overhead adventure games. It’s a lot of those Zelda-y tiles I used to make maps, a bunch of icons/items/etc, some VFX, and some other old stuff I never used. Oh also some characters from The Moon Fields. If you’re a cool person of upstandingness AND want to use this BUT don’t have $$$ PM me and I can set you up.

And since I’d really like to spread this thing around, I wouldn’t mind if I got an assist or ten:


You better believe I slammed that purchase button with an undue amount of force, because this shit is my JAM.

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Ty so much :slight_smile:

Please post any thing you make with it!

these are incredible

I just bought this! I was looking to see if we already had a thread for game development assets and saw this! i love the red trees.

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