are y'all still making podcasts?

i subscribed to the sb podcast on google podcasts so i am looking forward to listening but do y’all not do selectbutton podcasts anymore?


I think the prevailing feeling is that as a community we just kind of ran out of interesting things to say

Also a bunch of us started making our own little podcasts with more directed focus and I think that kind of sapped the energy from doing the big all-forum general cast

The cool thing about sb podcasts is that anyone can organize one and anyone can show up and be on it so if you are inspired to do one make a thread!

I mean I think there’s a lot of new posters who would have new interesting things to say, and it’s mostly that nobody really organizes them anymore?

But yeah mostly when we podcast it’s in other places lately.

There’s a…war movie and very occasionally now game movie podcast for instance:

And Snexploration squad which is kind of in a state of limbo while @VastleCania and I discuss our next move:

And the D&D podcast that will definitely update again that we all love:


I had plans to start a longform (like, 2-3 hour long episodes) Megami Tensei podcast with each episode being a discussion about a game in the franchise starting with SMT3 because I figured that was the one people would have the most to say and would be the easiest to get people on board with but I wound up not having time for that (at the time) and I had and still have no desire to be a host (host as in the person leading the discussion).


i like that idea a lot cuz i like smt3 a lot and have played all the persona games

other than that i would love to talk to sb folks abt games that have “shaped” you or have an entire podcast about final fantasy or smth. i can also gladly host. i think i am at an uncle level of ideas atm


everyone in the beastie boys did so much


i dont really play video games anymore t b h


Listen to the ones I’m on, I bet they’re great


I think if you proposed topic(s) and invited prople to join you and worked out a time people would do an SB pod

one of these days if I ever get Collaborative Energy again i will start hosting podcasts again

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BComa has been inactive and the other editors are busy with life so including recording you’d need to edit it which is quite the job!

I could almost certainly harass bcoma into editing. Wouldn’t feel right any other way

i can throw my hat in the editing ring if people need the services

i went into this thread to make fun of the fact that i made this thread to post a new bad pitch and the draft that i had that popped up was “we should make a podcast about the top 10 video games that gave us religious boners”

anyway i have a new character im working on, it’s columbo but he works in receiving for paper and cardboard products. it’d be funny if he talked about video games or something dm me with rates