Are there any games that only you have played?


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During the “critically maligned games that aren’t bad” thread from a week or so back when it took a brief detour into “there are so many games out there that many solid ones will never be found” land this thought crossed my mind and has continued to do so since. I feel that SB collectively has done a good job introducing a bunch of people here to numerous lesser known games that they otherwise would have never heard about. That means that there are a bunch of games that just a few people here have played… but are there a lot of games that only one person here has played? Do most people here think that they are the only ones at SB to have played a given game, or do they think that pretty much every game they have tried has been tried by at least one other person here?

So I made a topic and a poll! That makes this vaguely scientific.

My answer is that yes there are a few games that I believe I am the only person here to have tried, mainly because of the whole “random game names” thing has resulted in me trying a few truly random games such as Nuvavult or The Explorer of Night. There are also a few PC games that individual people not from SB turned me on to (posted on the same forum as the guy who made Treasure Tower for a number of years and hence played a good bit of his Crystal Towers II), and as I am old and started gaming on the Colecovision it is possible one of the games I had for it wasn’t ported to anything else and hence few here would have had a chance to stumble upon it (like Pepper II).

…I also hope I was the only person here dumb enough to try Datura but I fear others also made that mistake.


betterthan monkeypuncintro

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ummm, not managing to think of a more obscure one, but for now, maybe… this


Has anybody else played Sopwith II by BMB Compuscience? This game was made as a demo for a PC network card except that actually the planned multiplayer mode was never implemented. It has destructible terrain, flocks of birds and aerial debris fields.

The controls are confusing and terrible and the first things I did in the game are to faceplant into the first pixel of the runway, then hit the cow at the end. Once you get good though you can start to turn the the silliness and chaos against the AI opponents. You can get one AI plane to crash into the other one, or manipulate them to crash into a building. You can drop a bomb straight up into the sky so it hits a building 10 seconds later, or fly 5 pixels under an enemy plane while flying upside down and release a bomb above you into it.

I played this for years messing around like the player in this youtube before realizing the goal was to destroy all red buildings and you’d go to the next level if you did (which is just the same level).


I don’t know if playing games by people you personally know or as part of work counts but I’ve certainly played a whole bunch that have not seen a commercial release.

As far as widely-accessible games go, has anyone played Art Academy for the WiiU?

It was soporific to play and is the only game I have managed to put a friend to sleep with.

Who’s to say really, but I voted No because I rely exclusively on this place to tell me what games to play


maybe a couple


i played bioshock infinite


Captain Crunch’s Crunchling Adventure

I love Sopwith. It came on a disc in an anniversary issue of PC Gamer not longer after I got my first non garbage picked computer. Same disc that introduced me to nethack.

As far as unique stuff, I can cheat and mention my half baked TI-82 RPG battle system.

As far as really weird non completely personal shit, there’s the Mars Attacks action figure floppies, and those Taco Bell promo Atari classic remakes

Sorry to report that you aren’t alone on that one, unfortunately.

Games I’ve played that I suspect I might be alone in playing:

  • Gubble
  • Sesame Street A-B-C for the NES – I already considered myself too old for this as an 8-year-old, but I appreciated the consequence-free conveyance-construction of “Ernie’s Big Splash”

And obviously,

  • all of my own terrible IF games, plus the terrible-in-an-entirely-different-way Cragne Manor
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It’s possible that I’ve played a handful of Commodore 64 games that no one else here has.

More confident that I’m the only one here who has played some Game Maker games that were available only briefly in the Game Maker Community forums. Possibly some ZZT games as well but there are some SB ZZT enthusiasts so I can’t be sure about that.


i played a lot of cheap not great megacd games as a lad so possibly

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Your post made me wonder if I should count Neverwinter Nights modules; I went through a long phase back around '05 or thereabouts in which I played a ton of those.

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A bunch of OHRRPGCE games including my favorite, Bloodlust.

And a bunch of XBLIG games, the best two being Easy Golf and Avatar Golf


There was a kid in elementary school who swore the Sesame Street NES games were worth a rental to check out the voice samples and weird mini game aspects.

If we’re getting into NWN modules and ZZT games, I went really hard into weird Quake 1 mods (the watch grass grow one I still need to dig up on an old CD-R), and even had my own cobbled together from a couple tutorials, with the main unique feature being the ax attack happening in a small cone that could hit multiple adjacent targets, rather than just a single short range ray.

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Sesame Street A-B-C was being played at a house viewing I went to as a child and is a big factor in me liking the house my family eventually moved into. You may be correct though because I never actually played the game.


Sorry, I’ve played, enjoyed and finished Inindo!

Personnally I’ve 0 doubt I’ve played at least one free indie PC game that no one else has touched here


my brother and I tried to make the simplest game possible so we made pong where each paddle only has 3 positions activated by 3 buttons on either side of the keyboard.
It was fun and hilariously difficult.

I came home one day and he had recreated space war. I gotta say, everyone should try to clone space war, its always fun and very simple.

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