Anyone have experience with Unity 2D?

So, I’ve been playing around with making things in Unity 2D for ages, but there is one thing I’m still struggling with: getting my sprites not to get blurry in different resolutions.

I’ve been using the Pixel Perfect 2D Camera or whatever it’s called, but even then the sprites will still get blurry on certain resolutions, even if lock the game to only using on aspect ratio.

I keep looking at other games who seem to look crisp and perfect from every single resolution, and it’s driving me nuts. I don’t want my game to look blurry and shitty.

I just can’t wrap my head around how it works. Anyone have experience with it and can give tips?

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This has given me absolute hell, especially because I’m doing weird 2.5D stuff with my current unity project, and there may be a better way, but I’ve had success with rendering to a render texture at my fixed resolution and then using another camera to render that normally by using a canvas in screen space with an image set to the render texture


Can confirm this is useful. Also useful for circumventing the UI stuff if you don’t want to learn it.


Is there a tutorial for this specific thing? I’m not sure I understand the entire process

There’s probably not a tutorial, but the concept is pretty much this:

  • Have your camera output to a render texture (you probably have to right click and create this in your project folder)
  • Use the render texture as the texture of a quad and put the quad into its own layer (UI, probably)
  • Have a second camera that only sees the quad layer. This one renders normally to the screen

It’ll make your editor kind of wonky because you’ll essentially have two working scenes mashed on top of each other.

If you want a demo we can set something up. I usually do dev on Saturday mornings.


Yes I would be interested in tuning in

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Just double checking, have you made sure the sprite assets are set to Point filtering (instead of bilinear) and also has file compression turned off? These are both in the import settings for your sprites.

Edit: extremely funny that my first post here is a 4 month late response to a tech support post lmao i dont have eyes


perfect, you’ll fit right in