Another Snexploration episode?? wtf?? It's Tsuri Tarou

@Rudie hosted this episode while I was in Orlando. It’s about the prequel to the legendary Fune Tarou, which almost made me quite playing video games altogether, and also I lost the episode!! This episode…is not lost.

It’s really good and also really brisk, y’all should listen to it!!! It’s also on iTunes or whatever else you use, probably.


Oh yeah it’s starring @AutomaticTiger, @HOBO, @Closed, @shrug and of course Rudie who I already @'d so I’m not gonna do that again.

Seriously though it’s really good.

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The referenced long play excerpt of Fune Tarou.


Listening to this I learned that not everybody in the world has an overpowering appreciation for humble and serene fishing games. I like that closed was nice to the game and enjoyed shrug talking about ancient fish hooks.

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I cannot emphasize enough that these were not serene. They were extremely stressful. The game over conditions were annoying as hell, and the fishing segments are random and manic.