Anime Club is Going to Get The World Sloshed! 2/19 @ 8 PM EST!


My favorite anime nights emit technospiritual vibes

That means pretty much all of them, since there’s inevitable examples.


did people like or hate jungle wa itsumo hale nochi guu last night?


I don’t know if we got to it I left early


okay i started curating content for another mini ryeblock of cool filler next week please look forward to it


it has been prepared and includes four music videos, one minidoc, and one home-made short.


Hey! You missed ryeblock! Sucks to be you! It was really good!

But guess what…we still have anime left…and it was all curated by everyone’s fav heel notbov.

Here’s the only known photo of bov:

Please log on and boo with us all


[00:11:24] Lainer_madeanaccount: Fan theory was always that she was actually a boomer, right?
[00:11:30] ryebot: yeah
[00:11:39] stavekoff: who
[00:11:48] priss?
[00:11:51] ryebot: silya
[00:11:57] stavekoff: o
[00:12:16] ryebot: but since they never finished the final arc of the series we’ll never know
[00:12:48] this series is actually pretty interesting when viewed as a visual history of ovas
[00:13:27] like in the beginning ovas were just shit like maddox where animators were fucking around making stuff that looked cool but was pretty rough in terms of storytelling
[00:14:12] bgc was one of the first ovas to do a pretty competent job of looking cool and also kind of telling an interesting story
[00:14:54] and they got better at it as they went along, imo. eps 5 and 6 have some really nice direction
[00:15:09] it’s not high art but it was better than a lot of stuff at the time
[00:15:52] the next and final ep almost feels very 90s anime
[00:16:04] to early 2000s
[00:16:22] it would have been interesting to see where the series went
[00:16:23] SLUGGER joined (aliases: SLUGGER)
[00:16:39] Bachelor: slugger…we’re watching anime.
[00:16:50] rye i think you should post that all to the thread




would turning girls be considered anime@dark since it’s kind of like shitposting, but good shit posting??

edit: also @notbov where can i read about dank encoding shit


Did you try setting the video bitrate to 420.69 kbps

(I can give real answers when I’m at a computer box)


where are you going?

when are you coming home…

… to anime club


Turning Girls is just real life.


scroll on down to the video encoding sections

don’t go too deep

just like, stop at learning some ffmpeg command switches, anything more and either you should be getting paid or have some serious shit you need to be doing



btw guys i think we need to cytube

it’s basically synctube but it’s still in active development

i checked out it out last night! the google drive script works and there’s no box bugging us to update. the google drive script we’re using with synctube hasn’t been updated in 220 days.

anyway it works pretty much the same way, and has some nice bonus features like being able to put in custom CSS for themeing and stuff? or it can look exactly the same.

i put up a demo with a rerun of last week’s ryeblock:

you need to install the userscript again for drive stuff, but once you do, it works… and there’s no annoying blue box that keeps coming back every time a drive video loads!!!


also @loki please look into this Very Good Thing i saw on twitter for future loki block maybe?





it might take a long time (since i already have stuff i want to show when the current series finish), but i’ll make sure we get to it eventually!




We’re riding that pulse tonight cuz Tulpa has Surprise Anime! And there’s another rye block! And bov…bov actually has a surprise as well! A surprise that’s the biggest surprise of all cuz it’s actually really good.

Log on to the Wired and feel the heat.


Everyone who came to anime club this week

and if you missed anime club, you’re still great, please check out the cartoons that are still in the list. I’ll be cleaning up and shuffling the playlist soon, so hurry!