SWORDS....SAMURAI SWOOOORDS! In The Select Button Anime Club Gay Watch! 5/21 at 9PM EST!


relevant content seen in my twitter feed this morning

also here is a playlist of the stuff that was in ryeblock 2, at least the stuff on youtube

for the full experience, you can watch a complete rerun of the block here: https://cytu.be/r/ryetube

i set it so anyone there should have control over what video is playing


anime club starts one minute from now! we got chuunibyou ninjas, we got meditating superheroes, we got anti-terror sukebans, and starting this week, we have bearded space dad and sword-weilding good boy!


We got a night full of anime that gonna set your hair on end!


That’s right! This anime gonna leave you even more gorgeous! Please log on now to https://synchtu.be/r/sbanimeclub right now and meet your fellow beauties…in the Wired!


wan for all and wan for wan

i’ve added ryeblock 3 to the archive (anons have playback control so just skip to the block you want to watch, or hit the play button to restart the current video… i think), i will try to assemble a yt playlist when i have time.

there is now almost two hours of ryeblock content there for you to enjoy! it’s like a video mixtape from my heart to yours.

@Tulpa eel free to drop a link to the ryeblock archive in the main sbtube, i just want to keep it separate so people have playback control and they don’t have to sift through our (incredibly long) playlist for things to come back around

everyone’s nice comments about ryeblock made me feel very warm and i started working on next week’s and i’m feeling like it will be a good one.


i was actually kind of surprised at how popular ulysses 31 was. it’s a shame @sleepysmiles wasn’t around for dogtanian though


Yeah I was bummed! I was just too tired and running on fumes, i fell asleep with my laptop on and playing


it time!


i found it


the finally unearthed mastertapes of that show’s ost is literally the last cd i ever bought

it was a moment


ryeblock 4 has been added to the playlist at https://cytu.be/r/ryetube

anyone can control playback, you don’t even need to log-in!

here’s a list of the bands/songs

  • new days - rei
  • we are here - ego wrappin’ / brahman
  • kowashite - drop’s
  • shooting star - paellas
  • fallin’ - ghost like girlfriend
  • 6 - falsettos


sorry for the somber news…


Potion pumping from the heart…damn


Putting my foot down as unofficial dictator of anime club that this coming tuesday will be takahata night in memoriam

I have a bunch of things planned already so please postpone the usual content for another week. Takahata was too important and undervalued an artist.

I will keep the exact contents of the night a surprise, but please look forward to it.


Was gonna say, we should all watch Only Yesterday and feel the saudade


I was actually going to @ you and suggest this, but I see I didn’t need to worry.


I’m looking forward to this more than any night so far.


so here’s an old guy who goes on a hike and then talks about goshogun the time etranger

future filler content??


since we’re running out of sukeban deka ii episodes, i’m only showing them on alternating weeks from now on. this week we’ll have something else from the 1980s in its place


God is Great


I’m looking forward… to anme