Animal Well 𓃡 𓃯 𓃹

Another one of those games created by one person over six or seven years. Animal Well’s structure reminds me of Super Metroid, maybe with a few elements from Symphony of the Night. If only we had a term for a game like that.

The music sounds like it’s mimicking Twin Peaks. There are secret passages and puzzles everywhere, but so far nothing terribly difficult (about an hour in). The platforming can be somewhat demanding, but the tricky parts I’ve encountered seem to be largely limited to optional collectibles.

I like that there are animals all over the place. That and the style remind me a little of Rain World, but in this game everything is more staged than emergent (and it’s much easier than Rain World). It also reminds me of Elephantasy in some ways, and La-Mulana. There’s even some Bubble Bobble influence.

It doesn’t take up much disk space.


Animal Welp

Animal Well is Top Shelf



this is the videogamedunkey publisher right?

from sept

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I haven’t even played it but the pun was irresistible

I think you might find the game’s puzzles and small surprises equally irresistible if you do play it.

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I got my free loaf of wonder bread

I’m probably more than halfway through this game, unless it expands in some way after you complete the obvious goals (which is possible–I went in blind and have not looked at a guide or review or anything so I have no idea).

I mentioned above that this reminds me of Elephantasy, and a big part of that is how the tools you pick up aren’t just the typical ones you’d find in a game like this. Not only that, but some have alternate uses that are not immediately obvious. You’re very likely to stumble upon those alternate uses by accident before you come across a situation where they are required.

While there aren’t boss fights (which I appreciate), there are what I guess you could call boss puzzles. And I mention that only to say that I can’t believe what the game made me do to that bird. It wasn’t even doing anything wrong unlike, arguably, the giant lizard.


I reached the credits last night, but there are still parts of the map that I haven’t been able to reach, chests I can “see” but can’t get to, and other things that are clearly puzzles I haven’t solved yet.

I’m tempted to look at a guide to do some cleanup, but I’m still at the point where I make progress each time I play. If that changes, I think it will be time to use an external reference (or quit for now, but I don’t think I can resist exploring a little more).


this is kinda word salad, but how present is the “survival horror” bit

You have no direct combat abilities and must evade and trick aggressive animals in places (though most of the time there’s none of this).

Some enemies are more menacing than others and a few “bosses” (for lack of a better word) in particular might be a little unnerving with their howling.

You don’t really have to worry about inventory management, aside from having a limited number of firecrackers that you can carry at once and need in a few spots. (That’s not much of a spoiler, as you get those in the first couple minutes of the game.)


I did explore a little more. Actually, kind of a lot more. I haven’t bothered trying to systematically track down the rest of the eggs because I’ve discovered other things that are more interesting.

When I finally looked at a guide so I wouldn’t wander totally aimlessly post-credits, I learned that, among other things, there’s a secret puzzle that requires coordination between 50 players.