All I wanna do is play Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (F2P Edition coming to US March 12 + Steam)


This was default when I tried it just now on PS4. Did they mess up the default on PC?

Messed around in an offline gauntlet as I’m getting used to the controls. This game is super polished, load times are kept to a minimum, and the length of an individual fight is very reasonable. The sensation of landing a blow that both breaks your opponent and makes you purple, and then hitting them with the HP attack (bonus points if you managed to corner them against a wall) is incredibly satisfying and it makes the game for me. I just need to get better at blocking and then I think I’ll be ready to head online and take advantage of all the other newbies in the ranked queue.


Yeah, I think the game did really well at making the action feel good like a regular action game does. A lot of melee based online games have really limp game feel, with delayed or non-existent impact probably to account for variance in response times due to the nature of online games. But that’s such an important part of an action game’s feel and somehow Team Ninja really nailed it on this game. Maybe that also makes this game more prone to laggy matches in exchange. I dunno how that works.

Blocking is real important, yeah. I think you cancel out of attack recovery into blocking a few frames faster than into evades? But the only thing that can beat a block is an HP attack so it’s an extremely safe option if aren’t sure how to get out of a situation. Guarding also makes you drop to the ground really fast so it’s useful if you’re out of dash meter and need to ground yourself. There’s a small bit of “un-guarding” animation though so it’s not like you can just mash in and out of it.

If anyone wants to group up sometime you can friend me on PS4 (ID PooglyWoogly) or Steam. Just let me know you’re from SB so I know you aren’t spam. I think parties have a separate matchmaking queue and I don’t know how long matchmaking times generally are with those, but if you get a full party of three you do get to name your team and the game shows it during the match, so that’s cool.


Yeah, PC defaulted to Type A or whatever. The original release did too. I don’t know why it was fixed for the Free version on PS4 but not PC!

Edit 2:

Looks like the current set of free characters last until March 21, so check back on the 22nd. I guess that means it rotates characters weekly.


That’s A and E on PC. Default was G for some reason. So I guess I’m going with E. triangle = hp attacks, circle = bravery, x = jump and square = ex skills.

I like that the game immediately recognized my dualshock 4 controller and that all the button are the Playstation buttons instead of ABXY. The game recommends me low graphics settings which makes me :sad:


ok that’s more like it, guess this is my week


They’re announcing a new character on Monday too.


Why is this guy so cool

He hits the console version on April 11.


Is this new Terra outfit original or based on something? (There’s also a new Kefka costume).


Like most of the Dissidia alt costumes for NES-SNES era characters it seems to be based on early Amano concept sketches

Will that Ultima sword get longer the higher your health?


the costume appears to be called “Esper Lineage”


Dang, that pheasant is an awesome look.