All I wanna do is play Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (F2P Edition coming to US March 12 + Steam)


I haven’t played recently so I can’t say for sure, but I don’t recall hearing of any major changes to the netcode outside of some early patches that didn’t make a humongous difference. I’d say my matches tended to skew good but I’ve definitely had a lot more laggy matches in Dissida compared to other games and they are awful. I guess 6 players with responsive action gameplay is more difficult to code but I’d like to imagine there were ways to improve it.


He’s the conquering-force-installed El Presidente of Vaan’s home city after they lost the war to an attack by the empire during a royal wedding (:thinking:). Kinda like if Senator Armstrong was boring and not funny, and played a much less significant role in the plot. Even less than Seymour.

That sounds brutal

I can see her being kinda the ‘mind games’ character for that archetype, yeah


but vayne has good hair


A F2P version was announced that will function like other F2P editions of fighting games like DOA5 and KI. Hopefully it’ll come out in the US as well but if anyone was ever curious about this game this should be a great way to try it.


drem who is your main


I really like Garland. He’s a bruiser; slow startup on a lot of his attacks but he gets progressively stronger the more rapidly he lands attacks, enhancing both damage and move range. He’s got this chain whip that can pull people in or do this large aerial vertical sweep in front of him, hitting both above and below him. He can also shoot this long reaching fireball and ram into people with a giant drill which goes way farther than anyone expects when you’re powered up. He’s really good at hitting people in the angles he swings, but his slow speed and recovery makes him easily punishable if you miss. When powered up several of his moves can also be extended and the longer active frames make him good at poising through attacks. (The JP wiki has GIFs of everyone’s moves if you’re curious what they look like.)

Basically he tries to stay in people’s faces (relative for Dissidia anyway) so if that’s something you’re into maybe try him out.


So the 3rd Anniversary event was held on Saturday and we got several announcements. Around the 1:45:00 mark to 2:35:00 they have a session where they talk about the development of the game and even if you don’t understand it there are a lot of pictures and footage that are neat. They also have a tournament if you want to see that.

As far as the November console update goes, on November 22nd we’re getting balance changes and the Cloud Refresh, plus the release of Dissidia NT Free Edition (SE hasn’t announced this for the West yet but you can always download it off J-PSN). Basically this is the game for free with the story mode stripped out and only 4 free characters available to play at a time for free (one from each class), that will rotate out at intervals. The game is also getting a “Missions”, which I guess are bonus objectives you can accomplish during the game to get more money to buy customization stuff.

Coming out now for arcades (we should get these in December), they announced Yuna, a marksman character who looks pretty cool.

And a new stage called Final Battlefield, which is based off the final level of the story mode. There are already a couple of barren, flat levels in the game but this has some (breakable) obstacles so it does have a slightly different flavor. But not the most interesting addition to the levels.

And they also announced some new music which, uh, honestly don’t sound like particularly great arrangements to me. They also announced a lot of balance changes, buffing many characters and adjusting some system mechanics. And then they also announced in December they’ll reveal the Y’shtola refresh, in January they’ll announce a new male character (I think people believe this will be Snow from FF13-2?), and in February they’ll be refreshing the Summons. The update to the summons should be interesting to see. I know that in the US playerbase people tend to go for Shiva since she’s the straight damage buff.

So a lot of stuff on the horizon for this game.


I have this now.


Someone asked what the lowest sales price was and it’s currently $10 on Amazon (as an add-on item).


Rise from your grave.

I know there were at least a couple people interested in it, so the Free Edition is coming out in the US in March 12, and the game is coming out in PC. I guess SE hasn’t thrown in the towel yet, which is nice. The game is still getting major updates and system revamps monthly as part of the game refresh so I’m glad we’ll continue to see those changes come to the west.

And Snow came out a couple of weeks ago. He looks like kingdom hearts fanart. (Edit: Wait, no, he looks like Woody Harrelson in The Hunger Games)


Very excited for this, was holding out on buying the full game to see if the free version was on the way


Dedicated servers or P2P?


Pretty sure it’s P2P.


oh man

I will definitely fuck with this a little bit

I expect to be at a loss to explain almost every design decision in it


I just read about this coming to PC. I’ll try it out, why not!


F2P comes out tomorrow and a complete summon system overhaul came out today so everyone will be learning new stuff!

Because this question will come up, the most convenient way to create a practice mode is to go to the tutorial and choose the Chat Message mission. That gives you a bunch of stationary dummies to attack and it won’t end until you use a chat message. Alternatively you can create a de facto training mode by creating a VS. CPU match and setting the cpu difficulty to “Stop”.

Once you’ve gotten the controls down, the arcade/“Gauntlet” mode is good just for practicing against a live opponent. The important stuff to get a hang of is comboing an HP attack off an ally’s bravery attack, letting an ally do the same to your bravery attacks (these points are covered in the tutorial mode under the “Tandem Attacks” section), and watching the radar to see where all players are located and who’s targeting who. I felt I kind of got the hang of the radar after one or two runs through the Gauntlet mode but it’s definitely something that takes some practice; feeling out when it’s safe to look and how far apart people are. But eventually you can half play a match by just looking at the radar.

(Also the season pass is on sale for $15 on Amazon, but that’s getting a bit ahead of yourself if you don’t have the main package with the whole cast yet. But a physical copy is $17 there, which will undoubtedly be cheaper than whatever the digital price for upgrading the F2P version will be).


Edit: I’m hearing that Dissidia’s ranked matchmaking broke worldwide yesterday olol (I don’t know if this is server side or related to the new patch). I don’t recall that ever happening before but what an unfortunate timing. Hopefully that gets fixed before people start hopping on F2P.


Played some of the PC version yesterday. It feels solid enough, though the anti-aliasing could be better. It looks good at 1440p but the aliasing on the character models are noticeable on the match loading screen so I don’t know how it looks overall at 1080p or other resolutions. I didn’t have much trouble getting matches (under 30 second matchmaking times) but it was the first day after all, and there seems to be a bug where if you return straight to matchmaking after a match you’ll matchmake indefinitely and/or crash the game. So you need to return to the character select or main menu and then restart matchmaking from there. Match quality was 50/50 good and bad, so it depends on who you’re playing with but I don’t have any complaints about lag on the good matches.

Make sure to switch the controls to Type F, or whatever the last option was that puts jump on X and Bravery Attack on O, because that’s the franchise and arcade standard and I don’t know why that got reversed on the default controls for NT. It just feels weird.


the way the publisher logos and the title screen are voiced was like an immediate “oh god I am in for it” sign

anyway I think I’m going to wait until there are free V/VI characters before self-harming in this particular way


That was like the best part of Steambot Chronicles though.