ActRaiser SUCKS... or does it???

Sega and ACE Team just announced a spiritual successor to ActRaiser??? ACTRAISER.

It even has Yuzo Koshiro on tunes.


While nobody can replace beloved Quintet, ACE Team is an inspired choice, they love playing in the realm of gods and have an ear for portent and parody

…although that footage looks rather early and basic, and their roguelike platformer, Abyss Odyssey, was probably their weakest title. hmmm

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Oh no it looks like butt (well the illustrated portraits are cool) and the citybuilding is tower defense now nooooo


the original citybuilding was also (more rudimentary) tower defense! you had to work to cover up demon portals and stuff.

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That is not the same thing!!



It will definitely look way better later. I find very often these sorts of games improve their visual impact and finesse greatly toward the end of development. Certainly, this is a common occurrence in game dev, where things very often come together in the final phase. but look at Travis Strikes Again or Bloodstained and others, we see that quality difference in the footage

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that game’s coming out in like 2 weeks

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oh fuck i thought it was just announced for way later!

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Written by Jonas Kyratzes.


Oh, is it? I never played any of his games, but I know they had a bit of a reputation for pretense, or something. Other than that, I know nothing about the guy.

will the spiritual successor to actraiser be as xenophobic and colonialist as the original

if it’s not, or less aware of it, then it will probably collapse under its contradictions


it would be good if it actually tried to subvert the original narrative in some way, or at least explicitly problematized your actions

The original read as pretty blatant to me; I’m not sure how much you could push it before getting didactic

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the original read as very thoughtlessly reifying manifest destiny to me. I don’t like ActRaiser at all tho so I’d just be hoping an ACE team remake would be less repellant

yeah I’m on record as agreeing with you that it’s a little too unavoidably dismal as is but I don’t think “explicitly problematizing” your actions would be a remote improvement; taking something exactly as thematically dire and making it even more heavy handed would just be tedious

I would much rather see it divorced from all meaning than see someone take an earnest crack at “videogame: you are the colonizer”

Or satire, where being direct is almost never a problem; their Terry Gilliam- and surrealist-descended style might see them through. Though I didn’t see it in that video.


there’s plenty of good folklore inspirations for “charming idiot acquires large group of followers almost by accident” should they want to go that route!

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“whoops, I’m God now”

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