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Oh yeah, they definitely did some lazy lines where they expected the license to sell itself. The Buffy ones were pretty half hearted and unrecognizable too. I wonder how much of that is an actor contract thing. The ones where the exact facial features didn’t matter as much to convey the character—like Freddy or Pinhead—were gold though.

I slept on it, but that Twin Peaks set looked like they really stepped up the sculpts (but also looked too good next to big head Han).


Modern Transformers are so good



Decided to mess around with my mugenbine figures today


someone just showed me this amazing bootleg on tumblr


Reminds me of something that would pop up in some of Tony Takezaki’s Gundam manga.


i didnt post in this thread but i bpught revoltechs Spider-Gwen figure having initially missed spider man himself and now i want him even more




i love clip on armour, but this is still stupid


this is amazing


is this a series of blind box seletons with contruction equipment? i hope so


I want those sumo cats in the back


This is my Spider-Man 2 movie figure. He’s like 20 inches tall and has around 60 points of articulation. Every knuckle, etc. Had it since I was 18 or 19.



Took me a second to stop interpreting that as whipped cream on that plate with the steak

I’m not too proud to admit I was intrigued, as much as disgusted


Nice! That looks like the Toybiz 18" Spider-Man 2 movie figure with 67 total points of articulation (half of that in his hands, each one has 15 points or so for each finger). I’m so jelly right now. That’s a great toy right there. I want one but they are not exactly cheap these days even out of box. I should have bought one back in '02-'03 when it was still in stores.

Here is the Spider-Man figure I have. I got him just in the past six months or so.

He’s from wave 1 of the Marvel Legends Vintage series. He’s basically the same figure as an earlier Marvel Legends Spidey but with fewer accessories (the other one had alternate hands to go along with the head and pizza slice).

He’s really poseable for a 6" figure. Here he is with a ninja turtle.

The Marvel Legends figures are really cool and kind of make me want to get back into collecting figures again (I stopped when I was 16) but aside from the expense I don’t really have anywhere to put them.


That’s pretty nice for a six inch.

I used to have another Spider-Man 2. It was a 6 inch with magnetized hands and feet. Sculpt was basically the same as the 20 inch, but scaled down. I gave it to an ex, in Aomori, Japan.


This was my first Spider-Man toy.

Another Toybiz figure, this one was from a 1992 line. He’s simply known as “multi jointed Spider-Man”. Likely the first figure of that type. Eventually the upper torso came apart at the seam and his arms and head fell out.

I also had the multi poseable figure from the animated series line.

Basically the same figure with regard to articulation but the sculpt was beefier and bulkier. I had some good times with those figures. I’d tie string around the hands and pretend it was webbing.


I got that first one from a K-Mart. It fell apart as soon as I opened the package. They didn’t have more. So, I ended up with a hulk figure with a bar bending action. Which ended up being a bear hug back breaker, on G.I. Joes.

I later traded some G.I. Joes for that same spiderman. While on the playground at school.


insert pictures of the rampage lizzie and megabloks masters of the universe i bought here