action figures and other toys


Holy shit! Yes!!! I loved these things!!! I think the local children’s museum had a bin of these in their gift shop. I think I ended up gradually getting all of the pictured ones.


As a special Minimates PSA, the Dillon Predator pack comes with a civilian clothes torso, and a special “You son of a bitch” clasped hands piece. Dutch comes with a shirt torso too, but feel free to swap him out for Jet Jaguar, Dana Scully, Blade, Beetlejuice, or whoever else you have lying around.


pants are too mini, mate :expressionless:


I appreciate the sweat stain tho




Hasbro has the toy rights to power rangers starting april 2019. They might actually make good toys, maybe we’ll even get rangers that aren’t hulks


all those years bandai had the license, and not once did they think of making power rangers plamo kits


not in america. look up minipla and super minipla


thanks for this, preliminary searches show that スーパーミニプラ and ミニプラ will be useful next time i decide to waste money on nonsense from yaj


i have GGG and Daizyujin and they’re both pretty amazing. the stickers are kinda bad n daizyujin tho


Reaction is doing a Ghost N Goblins line. Can’t wait to have an Arthur to scale with Boba Fett and that Hip Hop Family Tree Public Enemy set.

Also King Diamond and Billy Balogne?

The old Matchbox Pee Wee line was already kind of perfect.


I wish the reaction toys were better, with all the licenses they keep grabbing.


that’s true of everything funko does
oh whoops they aren’t be funko my bad


I think the Reaction line being a bit crude aids the classic Kenner/Remco aesthetic. I just wish they were priced to match.


It bugs me a lot with them because most of them, if you take them out of the package, people would have no idea who they were. Like as much as people don’t like funko stuff, at least you can tell who they are (most of the time). The ReAction ones are so indistinct and terribly modelled. Like yeah, they call back to older toys, but they look like even the shitty ones from back then, and we can do better. I mean shit, those were the toys that made the MacFarlane figures look revolutionary at the time.

And yeah, the pricing on them makes it worse. Like I wouldn’t give a shit if they were like 2 bucks, but if you are going to charge Actual Action Figure prices, you can do better. It doesn’t help that I see them next to the modern simpler Star Wars figures, which are so much better modelling and such, and often cheaper.


In their defense, at least the ReAction stuff doesn’t have the gross nerd following that the Pops do, so yeaaah.


Are they the same sculptors as the old Spawn stuff? Cornboy and all that? Those dudes get around.

Reaction started out using the unproduced Alien figure molds. They’re redoing those with fresh sculpts this year which is cool but also kills the original appeal.

Those Pop vinyl things are wack, but I am a bit curious about Pop’s Masters of the Universe inspired Mortal Kombat line. That seems so easy to blow with bad sculpts and shitty rubber bands though so I’m not holding my breath.


Oh no, I meant, that the stuff that ReAction is trying to recreate are the same things that made people think the Spawn stuff was so amazing in comparison to. It’s not an era of toys I am really pining to go back to, having lived through it the first time.

Oh man, those look pretty legit alright, so I hope the build quality isn’t terrible. It’s kinda amazing that there really haven’t been good MK toys, since that series is just “what if your action figures fought each other right after you watched Big Trouble in Little China”.


Yeah, when it was just using old molds and stuff, that is fine. But my tipping point was Boondock Saints action figures made as if they were toys from the 80s. That made my head hurt.


funko’s masters of the universe-like line has, to me, two of the problems their pops do: they’re ugly and they don’t look like the characters.
though i’m referring to the horror movie ones, i haven’t seen the mortal kombat ones.

i really just wish funko would fuck off altogether, i’m sick of walking into comic and game shops and seeing whole walls of their shit toys

also a agree regarding the re-action figures: if they were cheap, they’d be a cool line. but charging like £15 for a tiny figure that would have looked primitive 30 years ago is a bit insulting. makes me wonder how you’d do a 90s nostalgia figure line. springloaded missiles, bright colours and weird stuff like characters inexplicably being made into surfers or athletes or ninjas?