A year ending in a 2 means only one thing

There is going to be another international Sight & Sound poll for greatest film of all time. Personally, I loved looking deeply into the results from 2012’s poll. The magazine was generous enough to archive all films that received votes as well as every voters’ list. Someone at Letterboxd put the movies up in this list.

This year, they have pledged to cast an even wider net for votes. Something like 5,000 voters’ lists will be recorded. I don’t care too much about the top ten, but the shifting results for the top 200 are neat. I think it’s fascinating to trawl around different voters and sample their tastes. Everyone has a different approach to how they select their top ten. I remember finding a Kazakh writer who included mostly central Asian films on their list. That was cool.

In anticipation, I created my own top ten list comprised only of films that didn’t receive a single vote in 2012.

  1. Street Angel – Yuan Muzhi
  2. Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? – Frank Tashlin
  3. Chess of the Wind – Mohammad Reza Aslani
  4. Daughters of the Dust - Julie Dash
  5. Collateral – Michael Mann
  6. Devils on the Doorstep – Jiang Wen
  7. Upstream Color – Shane Carruth
  8. Bacurau – Kleber Mendonca Filho, Juliano Dornelles
  9. The Assassin – Hou Hsiao Hsien
  10. The Medium – Banjong Pisanthanakun

shouts out bacurau gang, my queue was getting a little thin and i might track down some of these others you mentioned now

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