A Semi-Arbitrary List of Experimental Art Games

yeah this and magic wand I thoroughly enjoyed, very good work The Cat A Mites

Ah! I knew there was a connection but didn’t know what it was. Thank you! I’m definitely going to be exploring more of her work.

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i liked betsys hospital a lot and tried to write about why in unfortunately longwinded way. i also think about the below fragment i read once. imo lilith zone games are like if proust had no money for a cork lined room and had to try to do the job with deteriorating cardboard vhs sleeves instead.


a lot of good stuff has already been mentioned, i guess if anyone wants more i’d throw in

Bat Castle by im9today, which has a really brutal rpg fight at the very beginning but afterwards is one of the best of the “maze made entirely out of trapdoors” school of game design

games by Roman who had one of the earliest weird 3d games with “funny pizza land” in 2002

EJ Gold and Gary Acord are maybe vying with each other to be the vgames version of Godfrey Ho, really dense and insular back catalogues of recycled assets and casually startling decisions

0th dimension, by the person who did mibibli’s quest, i guess it’s an anthology of sex games which made an impression on me for the sense of dread and ambivalence with which the author seemed to regard their own desires

ticket - jumping game where you play as a shoe, there are more games by the same dev + others at http://wetgamin.com/ , i also like “adlus: mouse of truth”


just giving a belated thank you for this post! i’ve heard of a few of these developers but haven’t heard of some of this other stuff. i will add this to the original post as your selections.


I played thru Universe Generator: The Golden Sword by Yeli Orog Games after deciding to look through the “FMV” tag on Itch
I liked it, it’s free, maybe 10 to 50 minutes depending on how stuck u get on one of the puzzles (i spent maybe 30 minutes to complete it). Definitely myst-inspired
Here’s the description on Itch

Universe Generator: The Golden Sword is a short FMV puzzle game about the search for a powerful sword through the manipulation of dreamscapes.

The player takes on the role of the practitioner; a master of lucid dreaming tasked with ending the Dark Age through the acquisition of the anti-telluric Golden Sword. The player must mix and match various dreams and soundscapes to solve puzzles, acquire clues, and create the Dreamworld of the Golden Sword.

Apart from one scene, this game was made entirely from old film, documentary, and home video footage.

they have an earlier fmv game thats also on there that I played thru which I didn’t care for as much due to a few reasons (kind of disjointed, puzzles unclear, longer, sort of wavering between ambition and implementation) but also still kinda liked it for those same reasons.

Anyways, annoying size of file download cuz video but nice if u want something short and (to me) pleasant/interesting. Hope this person makes more. They have a good sense for sound.


I played Zineth last night and it kept me up much later than I was planning. The contrast between dunes and abstract concrete constructions is beautifully realized. Movement is such a joy in a way very much reminiscent of Sonic. I think having a cellphone that I can use while skating is a great little world building trick and I love how there are a bunch of people doing nothing but playing that stupid monster fighting game.


I played 90 minutes of Oikospiel Book 1 on stream last night. It came across as authentically Joycean. I’m glad I streamed it but I also think it fits better as something to take at a really laid back pace. Also, I couldn’t figure out how to change the resolution so the window just hung a little bit over the edges and I couldn’t see the bottom inch or so. If it had to happen with any game, I’m glad it happened with this one.


did you get to the level select level?

I got through act one and entered a space that I didn’t know how to navigate. I ran my little dog all up and down this mountain but couldn’t figure out what the scene triggering POI was supposed to be. I took a gander at the Table of Contents and really want to keep going.

I got lost in the Table of Contents and couldn’t find my way back, once

There is one part of Oikospiel I don’t believe is possible to escape/proceed from based on the fact that I never figured out how and the one video I found online that played that section also couldn’t. I think that might be a point in its favor.