A man entitled...

The 51st of [whatever the heck Suda means…]
edit: ‘essential’ and ‘rice paddy’

I mean; literally, like, since Killer7 (Is DEAD, if you’re being really lenient);
the man has turned into a casuaL-ord. NMH 1 MAY have been story-wise; non-existent,
enough to get a single sequel (it having 3 or so breaks this old man (In highschool, when K7 dropped)'s mind, my heart already having died with Power Stone)…

The only 1 good thing is that I bought Twilight Syndrome from an old music shop…
(not that I can even read Nippon-ese);

I mean really, In the name of HARMAN… just give us a bloody story based game (and no, translations of the SYNDROME series don’t count…), yo!

did you play the silver case and 25th ward?


That Snatcher (Sdatcher - Sudatcher, get it?) radio play might be worth a look as well.

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Silver Case and 25th Ward are wonderful.

I wonder why nobody has translated the Moonlight Syndrome games yet.