On reflection I’d probably have been more partial to this if Scott hadn’t felt pressured into connecting it to Alien.

Prometheus is a dumb piece of shit but at least it was its own thing despite riffing on established visual motifs.


The second act of the movie is really memorable to me. The tonal shift is jarring, weird and the consistent references to classical paintings and the overall gothic tone of the film is appealing to me.


Yeah I thought it was mostly okay, but there are no characters worth caring about and the last 20 minutes or so feels like a tacked on B grade slasher flick


yep. loved the breakneck brutality of the setup despite stupidity, but it really fell apart.

fassbender is everything, though.


Maybe Prometheus3 can just have a cast consisting entirely of Fassbenders




like, it was dumb. a piece of shit? eh. nah.

i mean like, every time someone calls prometheus a dumb piece of shit i just think of all the dumb '80s pieces of shit i’ve fucking loved. it’s weird and detached, yet so many people do it and i’m disappointed every fucking time someone who should KNOW BETTER does it. but hey.


It really is an outrageously dumb turd of a film though, and I’ve never found anything to like about it on multiple rewatches. No need to be patronising.


prometheus had the self-surgery scene which ruled so

but really i never thought of it that way before but it’s totally true: that movie kind of is a grandiose slasher flick (which conceptually also rules, sort of)


That scene didn’t do anything for me either. It was too contrived (A pod configured only for males? Honestly?) and didn’t even have the decency to be gruesome enough if it couldn’t bother trying to make us emphasise for the character (Who we’re apparently not supposed to care about anyway according to many of the defences of this film).


the alien baby that comes out of noomi is weirdly cute in a way that undermines what came before, too


The Deacon would make a good pet.

Oh right, I didn’t care for that aspect of Covenant either.


Ridley Scott so desperately wants to make a movie with Michael Fassbot having existential conversations with himself for two hours and was forced to graft on tired Alien retreads and genre tropes without passion or grace. The revelations of this film feel like they should have happened in Prometheus 4, and I feel like the Prometheus 2 that the ending of Prometheus promised would have been a much more interesting film.


I don’t feel like digging up my defense of Prometheus from Selectbutton Alpha but to summarize I loved it as a deliberately stupid vision of what happens when you entrust to corporate nightmares what ought to be entrusted to Starfleet and/or NASA






Covenant is worse than Alien 3

The list is two movies long and it’s:

  1. Alien
  2. Aliens


Alien³ is better than Aliens by a wide margin.


Covenant was good and Aliens is terrible


Covenant made me appreciate Prometheus more because at least you could end up justifying the latter as adopting visual thematics from Alien without completely trying to savage it.

Maybe the secret to a good Alien story was Walter Hill all along. That and the Ripley family.