2019 in tunes

the drill, what are your defining releases of 2019?

nothing was more important than old town road and it was actually a pretty good pop number too


the good, imo:

-spellling’s mazy fly is - i think - my aoty
-pissy pamper is single of the year (cred also to free uzi)
-i adore solange’s when i get home in theory, more than seat at the table, but i just want it to go harder, blow every intro out into a 5 min track of its own
-lana del rey’s norman fucking rockwell is v good
-fka twigs magdalene
-earl sweatshirt’s feet of clay is good and retroactively increased my appreciation for some rap songs as well
-bad bunny X 100 PRE technically came out xmas eve 2018 but whatever
-nvr listened to the album but ari lennox’s shea butter baby is a tune
-gunna’s drip or drown 2 is my most listened trap album of the year but i cant rlly say most of it’s good

the just fine:

-thom yorke’s anima was ok. not the news whips
-tinashe’s songs for you is p good
-Have a nice life’s sea of worry is better than i feared
-kelsey lu’s blood had some good tracks. i saw her live and she can fucking sing
-equiknoxx - eternal children was fun
-i didnt like young thug’s album but hot is hot
-burna boy’s african giant is fine
-maxo kream
-sharon van etten?

-mariah carey’s caution
-stevie wonder
-24 carat black

Purple mountains

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topdown dialectic - vol. 2
malibu - one life


aurora halal - eternal blue (wata igarashi crossing remix)
htrk - new year’s day
devon welsh - war
oli xl & ecco2k - hesitate
palmistry - afterlife
lana del rey - “norman fucking rockwell”/“mariners apartment complex”

old shit:

just like every year from now on, 1010 benja sl - “boofiness”


i dont listen to a lot of new music but PURGE by dis fig came out this year and ill be listening for years in the future

it’s all garbage, close it down, pack it up

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Been listening to less new contemporary music than usual this year, maybe I’m getting old. Most of my big discoveries were at least 20 years old. But here’s what sticks in my mind for new stuff!


CFCF - Liquid Colors (vaporwave but for 90’s corporate jungle)

Kero Kero Bonito - Civilisation 1 (apocalyptic ecosocialist anthems over super nintendo beats)

Shinichiro Yokota - I Know You Like It (cool and fun introverted Japanese house music)


Busy Signal - Balloon (the most important song of the year)

Lloyd Cole - Violins (I don’t like this guy’s other music I’ve heard, but this song is incredible “sophistipop” revival with an edge)


coming outta nowhere, this youtube video

ah thanks for the recs babes

i loved the black dresses/neotenomie/rook+nomie releases this year so far. i’m uh having a hard time remembering what other new stuff i listened to rn

oh yeah CRJ. brilliant

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totally forgot i listened to future’s art goth ep a lot. it’s the only full project of his that’s grabbed me since DS2/ WATTBA because i’m a fucking loser i guess

not too late to make your best-of lists

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