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The sequel to the thread where we compare songs that sound a little too much like video game songs.

(give this one a few seconds to get going)

i’ve spoilered the answer because it’s fun to try and figure it out yourself maybe??


I think this is actually a straight up sampling of a track from the Hyrule Symphony album?

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Also I already posted this elsewhere, but probably belongs here too:

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Great timing! I just stumbled upon this over the weekend, and no one seems to have mentioned it online before.

Take the bass line from this

And the main synth bit from this:

And then after a pretty generic intro listen to this weird homage beginning around the 40 second mark, and getting more blatant as it goes on


I want to say the guy who wrote Human Nature for Michael Jackson wrote Hard Times, and consequently, Ice Cap Zone.


Nice, that’s exactly what it is.


Here’s a fun one: I wrote 4 songs in Musagi for a game that never came out called GALYA 20xx or something. It was an OHRRPGCE game that looked fairly close to completion but never really got there for whatever reason. Here’s one of the songs:

And here’s Jonathan by Fiona Apple:

So yeah I totally ripped that off.

SIDE NOTE: I just went back to the site that previously hosted stuff about GALYA and other completed games and as of last month it’s now a super cool comic by a trans witch girl, so that’s cool.