13 Stencils: Ageist Ream (and miscellaneous vanilla wear)

Anyone else partaking in Vanillaware’s latest? I’ve got my copy massively early but have yet to dive in. Let’s discuss Vanillaware games while we wait?

I bounced hard off of Dragon’s Crown since the basic gameplay loop was pretty whatever and found it too chaotic in co-op. I’ve been waiting for something with Muramasa’s art direction that is also enjoyable for what feels like forever. Maybe 13 Sentinels will be slightly less horny who am I kidding?

i have no idea what kind of game this is, still

Me neither, I am excited but also worried.

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still excited about this visual novel/tower defense game ??


I bought a Playstation 2 at near the end of its life-cycle (by trading in my Gamecube and the handful of games I still owned for it) so that I could play Persona 3 and Odin Sphere. I’ve been a fairly devoted Vanillaware fan since. I’ve been meaning to mess with the DLC chapters for the Vita version of Muramasa but those lottery balls haven’t come up out of my endless backlog yet.


Despite all that I’m somehow completely unhype for this game because I have no idea what it is and the environments/characters all seem so plain


i randomly booted up odin sphere on ps2 without having any idea what it was and wow that is a video game alright. impressive and weighty but also with an immediate aura of horny

i guess there’s a modern odin sphere port that removes most of the slowdown? i think i played some on vita

the main difference between og OS and Leifthrasir is that the original game is an RPG with light action combat and the update is an action game with dumb leveling shit

it’s also shockingly the least horny modern Vanillaware game, despite the fact that the queen of the underworld having torpedoes and Velvet


i’ve only played a couple of Vanillaware games but i came away feeling like these are games that look really nice but are extremely uninspiring to actually play. this one seems unique though, maybe it’ll be the one to turn me around.


I spent way too much tiume playing Dragon’s Crown, which was a dang fun game with a friend. I have no idea if I will play this one.

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Yeah I only really have fond memories of playing Muramasa. It’s just games that still make detailed sprites like this are so few and far between that they feel like a they’re worth engaging with if only for a purely visual payoff.

I do find it weird that they’ve opted for a setting which doesn’t give them much leeway for fantastical or luxurious visuals outside of mech design. The few mechs I’ve seen look very ‘muscular’.


i really loved the Odin Sphere remaster on PS4 and i adore Muramasa, but i can’t really tell how i feel about 13 Sentinels, still.

i think the music and aesthetics are appealing, but the actual gameplay seems like a tower defense game and i get bored of those very quickly. i guess i’ve been waiting to hear something about the actual experience of playing the game.


played muramasa to death but i mostly only really like this about it now:

never quite made peace with the character physics


I really can’t trust Vanillaware since they made Odin Sphere, a game so zoomed-in it requires a separate, more zoomed-out view of the action on top of the screen (NOT a mini-map: literally the same 2D side view, but less detailed and more zoomed-out) and your eyes are constantly shifting between both. It is madness

I got hit by more offscreen attacks in 2 hours of Odin Sphere than in a year of other videogames

tbh, something about this short four-second cut from the most recent trailer (which also exhibited an abysmal dub–hope that can be either muted or swapped for Japanese) that sold me on the game


the compositing and motion is just so good and evocative–I want to play the thing that has this

(sold as in "will absolutely buy this when I can get it for noticeably less than $60)




i love a good graphic but i don’t know if i can endure extremely lame anime drama highschoolers naked fuckpiloting robots in icon UI map tower defense tactics for 40 hours


in theory, day 1 it has the Japanese language pack as a downloadable, so that is good news.

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I can fuck with a very visual visual sci fi novel and I can endure a middling RTS. Hell, I played all through GrimGrimoire
So I’m going to play this. Just not sure if I wanna play this immediately and pay 60€ for it.


i know can definitely not endure that

OS Leifthrasir is noticeably more zoomed out and yet still has the minimap (it’s a minimap, it’s a map that’s mini, fight me)

it’s also way faster and has an Action Game Dodge so :boh:

for as wacky as Dragon’s Crown can feel sometimes, I’d rather play it than a number of other beltscrollers in the past couple of generations (like almost all of them), even ignoring that I am broken and must hunt for loot