10 Beautiful Postcards

Hello my friends,

I post here a new computer game just released, called 10 Beautiful Postcards. My exciting press pitch is that it’s a cross between Girl’s Garden, Yume Nikki, and a Theresa Duncan multimedia CD-ROM. I’ve been working on it for a while so there are many collage ruins to move your eyes around and many jokes etc to discover. There is a wonderful soundtrack by NEW VADERS to get you boppin’ while ya play.

The website is http://harmonyzone.org/10BeautifulPostcards.html
Or if it’s down for some reason the itch page is https://thecatamites.itch.io/10-beautiful-postcards

It is $6 and about 2 hours long, depending. It comes for PC / MAC / LINUX computer systems. Thank you for reading my topic,



Also, I repost the exciting new-wave trailer:


Wow, this game is somewhat overwhelming (in a good way). Aspects of it remind me a little of Fly Guy and Cave Rescue, two of my favorites. Very nice work.

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hahah thank you!! I hadn’t heard of Fly Guy until now but am a big Quimdung fan

“about 2 hours long” is a darn lie. I’ve been playing this for around 10 hours and I’ve still only found 7 postcards… which is great! i love it.


thank you!! yes, in retrospect I should have gotten an estimate from someone who hadn’t already played through the game in the course of development. consumer rights are my passion… i’m glad you enjoyed the game!


game is free until my birthday, and so is a collection of development essays about it that I just released… “watch out”.