10 Beautiful Postcards


Hello my friends,

I post here a new computer game just released, called 10 Beautiful Postcards. My exciting press pitch is that it’s a cross between Girl’s Garden, Yume Nikki, and a Theresa Duncan multimedia CD-ROM. I’ve been working on it for a while so there are many collage ruins to move your eyes around and many jokes etc to discover. There is a wonderful soundtrack by NEW VADERS to get you boppin’ while ya play.

The website is http://harmonyzone.org/10BeautifulPostcards.html
Or if it’s down for some reason the itch page is https://thecatamites.itch.io/10-beautiful-postcards

It is $6 and about 2 hours long, depending. It comes for PC / MAC / LINUX computer systems. Thank you for reading my topic,



Also, I repost the exciting new-wave trailer:


Wow, this game is somewhat overwhelming (in a good way). Aspects of it remind me a little of Fly Guy and Cave Rescue, two of my favorites. Very nice work.


hahah thank you!! I hadn’t heard of Fly Guy until now but am a big Quimdung fan