Youtube upload quality tricks


Does anyone still want that cross-platform GUI drag and drop upscaler? I got the backend and a rudimentary front-end working. I’ll clean it up, package it, and put it on Github if there’s demand. @Toptube @Felix @Decinoge


I don’t need it but here’s my own notes on packaging electron apps just in case:

add electron-squirrel-startup to dependencies and put this at the beginning of your main.js:

if(require('electron-squirrel-startup')) return;

then, to build:

electron-packager . --icon=resources/icon.ico (Windows)

electron-packager . --icon=resources/icon.icns (Mac)

Finally, to package for install:

electron-installer-windows --src radiamagent-win32-x64/ --dest install/ --config config.json (Windows)

hdiutil create tmp.dmg -ov -volname "RadiamAgent" -fs HFS+ -srcfolder radiamagent-darwin-x64/ && hdiutil convert tmp.dmg -format UDZO -o RadiamAgent.dmg && rm tmp.dmg (Mac)

ignore the references to radiam, that’s our project


Yes, it would be fun for me to play with. And the upscaler I’ve been using is very finicky. Thank you!


Still interested in this. Have a few tests I’d like to do.