YouTube Channels (Non-Game)


More virtual tourism? I usually watch these shits on the treadmill.


Luke Towan’s Detailed Modeling Tutorials

Luke Towan makes awesome hyper-detailed dioramas and models of scenic stuff and takes you through it step by step talking about the tools, materials and techniques he uses.

Now this is a hobby right here.



this channel is kind of about games but only as much as our current culture is… about games
so i think it counts in here??

the revenge of the nerds predicted so much awful shit


Beyond the Brick. Channel for Lego enthusiasts.


You’ll have all have encountered TierZoo by now. I am very into TierZoo

My latest ASMR crush has been at it for ages and is fab:

No sponsored content or overproduction, no justice in so comparatively few subs for this genre


I enjoy videos by this lady who is some kind of train enthusiast. She takes her son (I think?) with her most of the time which is nice. In this video she goes on some luxe as hell express train which has a beautiful dark paint job. It is raining and the rain looks good on the expensive paint job. The inside of the train also looks v nice. I bet it costs fucking heaps to go on this train.


I’ve really been enjoying Popular C/C. It’s focus is on the intersection between the media and leftist politics, or lack thereof.

I’d never heard of Bring Us Home before, and this video explains it and how successful this protest movement was, as well as what imperialist bullshit led to it:


only recently i found out about jaakko järvinen. i don’t even know how to describe it i just think it’s nice

this person does videos of public transit in japan in obscenely high quality

chinese trains and roller coasters

this girl makes handicrafts and eats traditional foods. super relaxing



Templates and materials lists in the video descriptions.


dashboard footage from Japan. some drives with music, most without.

really I’m just waiting for cat2525jp to upload again.


I’m addicted to looking at LEGO builds now thanks. I think the interviewer for this channel is really good at getting even non-social or nervous or inelequent builders to talk. He’s very positive and always seems like he has genuine interest in the builds.

My grandma used to buy me LEGO sets every year for Christmas when I was a kid so I have some pretty intense nostalgia for it. Ordered a set, so I’m playing with LEGOs for the first time in at least a decade this weekend.


I don’t care about fitness at all but I love these guys


Oh man have fun, adult LEGOs rules


Can I interest you in a lightly used thread


Channel of a professional art restorer. He places emphasis on everything he does being reversible because in some cases, his clients ask for “repair” work which essentially entails him re-painting damaged portions of the works. Fascinating stuff.


high quality 4k jpn train vidz


I really like the way the camera is set behind the conductor like this instead of a typical dash cam. It gives a much better sense of scale!




i’ve never been a person who pays attention to chess as a sport – i own a book about the game and have won once against a cousin who used to participate in state tournaments, but that’s it.

having said that, this channel is amazing. i like how easy-spoken the guy is, and how all these strategies are laid out in the most plain way. i obviously miss a lot from what is shown and can’t possibly imagine myself operationalizing the ideas that go into any competent-level play; still fun though

bonus: this professional player’s channel, specially a video in which she comentates on a match between two computers