Your song of the moment


the part where pitbull says “disappear like banksy” and then the chorus of africa starts is metrosong


this song is in some South Korean game called Love Beat and it got stuck in my head. It’s got that… :notes: Mossy Nissan :notes: sound that I like.



beat change


this is a bad bunny thread now


tell me everything


metrosong is like vaporwave but based on contemporary visions of the future instead of the one from 1989. it’s also like stock music with ukeleles and millennial whoops one would hear on the emotional part of a jake paul video. the amazon aesthetic

i think ocean to ocean somehow loops back around, it sounds like metrosong and vaporwave at the same time. toto - africa is like the default “80s” song now. jeff bezos is listening to the weezer cover and flamethrower-ing a room full of brainless artificial humanoid lifeforms right now


God’s balls that is bad. There isn’t a Ray Smuckles drunk enough to dance to this.


metrosong can only be for actual maniacs



Been listening to later Prefab Sprout lately. I’d assumed anything after Jordan: The Comeback was worthless, but it turns out even their lesser stuff is beautiful.


Underworld have the best titles


This is the music they listen to in the utopian excellent party future of Bill & Ted


That may be the best unexpected contribution of the week worthy, and gets a badass+1 on top of that well-deserved bloodpotion.



Be excellent to each other. Party on, dude.


from this year, but just barely


Money won’t pay
workin all day


Jigoku ni memed


i love weed


Oh god didn’t sleazy use this in the April Fools sbcast episode he produced